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When To Use Roll Labels And Sheet Labels

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - Miscellaneous | 3 Dec 2018 |

When To Use Roll Labels And Sheet Labels

Ian Renton  | 03/12/2018 | Label Printing - Miscellaneous

We are often asked when to use roll labels and sheet labels. The simple answer is that the large majority of labels are printed on rolls because more label material types are available for label printing on rolls.

This includes many variations of synthetic stocks. We do print labels on A4 sheets but there are only a limited number of labels stocks available. Also, there is only one part to the label printing process when labels are printed on A4 sheets. These labels are pre-cut to size and will go through most commercial digital printing presses.

Vinyl stickers can also be printed on sheets as the vinyl stock is often printed on a wide format printer so the final printed labels can easily be presented on sheets. Vinyl stickers are great for outdoor use as the adhesive is very strong and some vinyl stocks are guaranteed to last for up to seven years. 

Advantages Of Roll Labels

The advantage of roll labels is that more flexibility is allowed. Almost all commercial label printing involves labels on rolls. The primary advantage is that the labels can easily go through more processes after the rolls have been printed. The most frequently used process is the addition of a laminate or varnish finish to protect the quality of the printing. This seals the ink in and ensures it will not scratch or rub off.

Other embellishments are also possible after labels have been printed on rolls. This includes foiling, usually gold but also silver and other metallic colours. Embossing is also possible and you may occasionally see this on wine labels. Embossing gives an impression of raised printing on the labels.

Roll labels are also used for machine application of labels. They go through a label applicator in several different ways but the most common are roll directions 3 and 4 below. Two more reasons for using roll labels are speed and cost.

For medium or longer runs, labels on rolls are printed faster than labels on sheets. The label stocks often come on large rolls as long as 100 metres and this greatly reduces the material cost and hence the price of your label printing. The price for roll labels is often linked to the machine use.

The Time To Use Sheet Labels

The time to use sheet labels is for short runs or at times when the labels are not being used in a commercial environment. This may apply to labels for invoices or labels for one-off events. Wedding labels are a good example where labels on A4 sheets are quite appropriate. The labels on bottles or other items at a wedding reception are needed to look good on the occasion but there is no commercial sale and this type of label printing typically involves short runs.

There is definitely a time not to use sheet labels and this is when you have a label on bottles where the liquid can seep onto the label. There are pitfalls of DIY label printing so always seek an expert such as Renton's Labels before you print any labels on your products for sale.

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