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Use Wedding Stickers To Create Lasting Memories

By Ian Renton | Wedding Labels | 18 Jul 2016 |

Use Wedding Stickers To Create Lasting Memories

Ian Renton  | 18/07/2016 | Wedding Labels

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend a large Lebanese wedding. The sheer size of the event, estimated at 600 guests, made it a really memorable event. Obviously, a wedding of this size at Doltone House in Sydney was not cheap. It certainly exceeded the average cost of a Sydney wedding by a significant margin. I suspect there was very little change out of $100,000.

The wedding had magnificent food, some great speeches, helpful staff and much fun on the dance floor but I could not help think that there was more that could have been done. Apart from the bonbonniere and the photos, the wedding did not create a lasting memory for the guests. There was really nothing to take home as a keepsake. Since the typical Australian wedding costs over $50,000, then it is worth paying a couple of hundred dollars for wedding stickers which come in many forms. You are only limited by your imagination but here are ten sticker ideas for your wedding or an upcoming wedding which you organising:


Wedding Wine Labels

Wedding wine labels are the most obvious labels to print for a wedding because the bottle is likely to be kept long after the wine is drunk. You can create a really nice photo for your wine labels. However, the photo will need to be taken before the wedding. My company can print wine labels very quickly but not that quickly. You will also need to order cleanskin wine bottles and choose your wine. There is a bit of work involved but it is an excellent way for wedding stickers to be used to create lasting memories.

Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels are less common than wine labels but I have first hand experience of them. I was a groomsman at my brother's wedding in Colorado in 2004 and one thing I remember well was the water bottle labels. Every guest had a personalised bottle of water to take home with them. I believe I still have that bottle 12 years later. Of course, there are many ways to use wedding stickers to create lasting memories. The important thing is to do something that will last, particularly if you are planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding.

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