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Use Custom Labels For Your Next Event

By Ian Renton | Event Labels, Wedding Labels, Wine Labels | 8 Nov 2016 |

Use Custom Labels For Your Next Event

Ian Renton  | 08/11/2016 | Event Labels,Wedding Labels,Wine Labels

The great majority of our label printing is for products such as food, drinks, cosmetics, candles and machinery. However, we also print a lot of labels for events. As the Christmas season approaches, there will be many events and parties and you can use custom labels for a variety of purposes. You can use custom labels to:

  • Promote your business and brand to the local community
  • Support local sporting teams or even political candidates
  • Create awareness for charities and other non-profitable organisations
  • Identify the recipient and add value to your gifts.

However, at this time of the year, you can use event labels to spice up your events. This is the season for weddings, Christmas parties and a host of other functions. The development of digital label printing in recent times has meant that custom labels are used for more events than ever before because short run label printing is now affordable. Almost every week, we get enquiries for labels for weddings.

Personalised Wine Labels

The most common form of wedding label is a photo of the bride and groom on a bottle of wine. We can actually provide wedding wine labels for less than $300. Given the cost of weddings, these days this is a nice touch that is inexpensive. It is not just wineries and weddings that use personalised wine labels.

At this time of the year corporate functions and Christmas parties are common events and you could spice up your event with a bottle of wine with a personalised greeting that could thank your customers for their business, wish them a Merry Christmas and at the same time provide some advertising for your business. Whilst a personalised wine bottle is one of the more popular gifts at an event leading up to Christmas, there are several other ways you can use custom labels for your next event.

In 2004, I attended my brother's wedding in Colorado and he surprised his guests with a personalised bottle of water. At the time, he had just leased an Indigo digital label printing machine and he was keen to use it whenever he could. The result was bottled water for all guests with a photo of Peter and his bride just after their engagement in the Colorado snow. I guess that is the only downside to wedding labels. Digital label printing is quick but it cant perform miracles so whenever you have a photo of the bride and groom, it is has to be produced before the wedding day.

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