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The Challenge Of Getting The Right Essential Oil Labels

By Ian Renton | Event Labels | 6 Nov 2018 |

The Challenge Of Getting The Right Essential Oil Labels

Ian Renton  | 06/11/2018 | Event Labels

[caption id="attachment_2149" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Examples of essential oil labels[/caption] The challenge of getting the right essential oil labels became obvious last week when we took another enquiry for a startup essential oils business. This lady had her 10ml bottles all ready. However, we needed more information than that to get her the most appropriate essential oil labels. My production manager, Robyn Renton, has more bottles around her desk than you would see at a bottle shop. When I discussed this 10ml bottle with her, she showed me four different bottles for 10ml essential oils.

One thing we try and teach you, our client, is how to get the best bottles and bottle labels for your products. Our company is a label printing company specialising in bottle labels. We do not manufacture or supply bottles but have access to various suppliers. This is one company which does supply bottles. http://www.cospak.com.au/glassbottles-jars.html

The point is that the challenge of getting the right essential oil labels is not just a challenge of getting the right label. It is also a challenge of getting the right bottle and then matching that label to the bottle.

Check List For Your Essential Oil Labels

Once you have selected the bottles for your essential oils, then I suggest you refer to this check list for your essential oil labels.

  1. Choose the right label stock. There are two problems that can occur with labels for essential oils. Firstly, the oils can seep under the labels and thus cause the labels to peel off. Secondly, the oils can get on top of the label and spoil the printing. It is our recommendation to use a synthetic or vinyl stock as they both have a strong adhesive and the label will stay affixed to your bottle even if oil accidentally comes in contact with the label. These labels are also durable. We also recommend a varnish or laminate coating to protect the printing on the label as some of the oils may come in contact with the label.

This is only a recommendation for stock. It is vital that the bottle is completely clean before applying the labels. Secondly, as with all products that you plan to sell, it is important to test your product labels.

  1. Legal requirements. I am not qualified to give legal advice but I can research government websites for you to make your own decisions in terms of the legal requirements. Essential oils come under the umbrella of cosmetic products so this government website is the one I would study.


  1. Variations. Most likely, you will be selling more than one essential oil. The best way to keep your label printing costs down is to keep all or most of your labels in the one size. This makes it easier for graphic designers and printing. Also, don't try and have too many options, especially when starting out. Even though your essential oil labels will most likely be printed digitally, it is still better in terms of price to print one run of 2,000 labels than 20 runs of 100 labels.  
  2. Quantities. It is important you do your market research and a marketing plan as you do need to make your initial print run for your labels as large as possible. That does not mean printing tens of thousands of labels initially. It does mean avoiding very short runs of say four lots of 50 labels. Your unit costs for your labels will be too high for this scenario.  
  3. Application of your essential oil labels. You have three options here. Initially, you will probably hand apply these labels. A second option is to buy a label application machine and do the machine application yourself. Thirdly, you could hire a bottling company to apply the labels for you. In terms of your labels applied by machine, you have eight options below. Option 3 and 4 are the most common. You must convey which option you require to your label printing company.


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