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Sticker Labels For Mother's Day

By Ian Renton | Event Labels | 18 Apr 2017 |

Sticker Labels For Mother's Day

Ian Renton  | 18/04/2017 | Event Labels

I am a great believer in time of the year marketing as it helps enter the conversation going on in your customers minds. Easter has just finished. Anzac Day is coming soon but there is a big marketing opportunity for all businesses who serve the female population. It is Mother's Day and in 2017 it falls on Sunday, May 14. This gives you enough time to create a marketing campaign for all of the mothers who patronise your business.

What actually happens is that a Mother's Day special will end up being for all of your customers and prospects as you do not want to make the offer only for those ladies who have given birth. Also, men are looking for gifts for their wives and mothers so they will also want to take up your Mother's Day special. Many years ago, I had a successful Mother's Day promotion in my business for a pashmina scarf.

The gift does not need to be large but it needs to attract attention as that is what you want to do. If you do provide a gift, then you should use sticker labels on your gift to highlight Mother's Day. Also, use sticker labels for flowers, chocolates, hampers, cakes and other gifts and really make a big deal out of Mother's Day. This event style marketing can increase new and repeat sales of your products and services.

Several Ways Of Using Sticker Labels For Events

You can really make an impact when you use custom labels for your next event. If you own a restaurant or function centre or club, then you could provide a small gift with a Mother's Day sticker on it like the one below. You could provide a free personalised bottle with custom wine labels used especially to celebrate Mother's Day. Alternatives are cakes or chocolates which could also be labelled for your Mother's Day celebration. Remember to provide gifts for all female guests. You could also have a draw and a Mother's Day prize. Hairdressers and beauty salons could have a free appointment for themselves or a friend and always label your envelope to promote this special offer.

The use of sticker labels as a means of promoting your business for Mother's Day is only limited by your imagination. If you do not promote Mother's Day this year, have a look at what other organisations are doing and see if you can adapt their ideas for next year.

One of the biggest and most successful fundraisers is the Mother's Day Classic which is sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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