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How To Start Or Grow Your Essential Oils Business

By Ian Renton | Essential Oil Labels | 6 Jan 2017 |

How To Start Or Grow Your Essential Oils Business

Ian Renton  | 06/01/2017 | Essential Oil Labels

Recently, we have received several enquiries for essential oil labels. Only last week, we received a new enquiry seeking advice as to what labels are needed to start up an essential oils business. It is true that the packaging and labelling are important.

You obviously have to package your product effectively. However, to quote Steven Covey, it is always important to begin with the end in mind. In other words, what do you ultimately want your essential oils business to look like?

Do you want to add some supplementary income and run your business as a hobby whilst still working full-time?

Do you want a home based business?

Do you want to grow and employ staff and be a significant player in your market?

Before you get started, you really need a clear understanding of your target market. In other words, who do you wish to sell your essential oil to?

Will you restrict your sales to local orders or will you sell nationally or even internationally?

Next, how are you going to market your business?

Why should a customer buy their essential oils from you instead of someone else? Ideally, you need a powerful unique selling proposition.

Get The Right Essential Oil Labels

When it comes to essential oil labels, we suggest two options. The first option is Datapol stock. It is a stock that is recommended for wine labels. These labels are water resistant but are really designed for short term use. Hence, they would be suitable for samples for a show but we do not recommend using them for commercial use. Unlike wine, essential oils are not consumed immediately. You really need a label that is going to last several months or even years.   

The main issue or dilemma in printing essential oil labels is that the product if spilt can get underneath the label and on top of the label. Hence, the label must be strong enough to cope with both of these instances.

If you are starting out in business, then the unit prices of your essential oil labels will be higher than that of an established business. However, it is still our recommendation that you use the most appropriate label. As such, we recommend a synthetic label stock with a gloss laminate. The strong synthetic stock prevents oil from seeping under the label and causing the adhesive to come off. The gloss laminate protects the printing so that the printing on the labels will be easy to read even if the oil is spilt on the label.

Finally as it is likely, you will have several types of essential oils available for sale, we recommend that you have as many labels as possible the same size. This will reduce your label printing costs significantly. At Renton's Labels, we will print your essential oil labels digitally so we will add only a very small charge for multiple print runs provided the labels are the same size. If you were to have different sized or shaped bottles for your essential oils, then this will add considerably to your packaging and label printing costs.

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