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Promote EOFY Specials with Printed Labels

By Ian Renton | Event Labels, Marketing Labels | 6 Jun 2017 |

Printed Labels For Marketing Your End Of Financial Year Specials

Ian Renton  | 06/06/2017 | Event Labels,Marketing Labels

If you sell to businesses or other organisations, then June is one of the best times of the year in Australia to market your products and services. Many businesses are looking for more tax deductions in June and governments and other organisations are looking to use up their marketing budgets.

What incentives can you give your customers who may already be looking to order in June?

What marketing can you do and what role should printed labels play?

Labels are actually found on buses, taxis, cars, billboards and other outdoor items. These labels are really outdoor signs and are used to market to many potential customers at the same time. Retail shops also have large vinyl labels on their windows to advertise their specials. These forms of marketing are widespread and quite frankly, not that clever or original.

Instead, you can use printed labels to highlight a special offer. You could advertise your June special on the front or back of your envelope containing your direct mail piece. Half the battle in direct mail is just getting your mail opened and labels can help you in this regard. Printed labels can also be used to market your special offers in the following ways:

  1. Add to the flier a letterbox drop to really highlight the benefit and create urgency too.
  2. Include a special offer on the actual label on existing literature such as an invoice, statement, parcel or company catalogue or brochure.
  3. Use removable labels as part of the promotion. Getting your client to actually do something apart from reading greatly increases response. Readers Digest and Sweepstakes offers have used this method effectively.
Use Marketing Labels Throughout The Year

Successful businesses don't just advertise once a year. They are looking for opportunities throughout the year. You can use marketing labels for other times of the year such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Printed labels can also be added to your letterbox drops to either highlight a special offer or to create a new one. Labels can also be used to over-ride an existing price. Supermarkets do this regularly to create a quick sale especially for perishable products such as meat. 

If you resell someone else's products, then you will want to label these products with your contact details for re-ordering. If you offer future service then you can use printed labels to make it easier for your clients to access your after sales service. White goods suppliers and computer hardware companies and service industries will have labels affixed to their products. These labels must be durable as they will last for several years and will be exposed to ultraviolet light and even sunlight or rain in some circumstances. You can also use marketing labels to get more repeat business.

Service related companies such as motor mechanics, IT companies, electricians and air conditioning companies can also leave their labels after they have been. Of course. You need a well designed label that will entice your customers to use you again. Your business name and phone number is essential but if you include some benefit of using your services, then all the better.

Use Custom Labels To Make Your Event Memorable

You can use custom labels for your next event at a restaurant or function centre or club. You could provide a small gift with a printed label to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, corporate milestone, an engagement or even a wedding. For example, you could provide a free personalised bottle with custom wine labels used especially to celebrate such an event. Alternatives are cakes, lollies or chocolates which could also be labelled for your celebration.

The use of printed labels as a means of promoting your business leading up to the end of the financial year on June 30 is only limited by your imagination. If you do not promote the end of financial year this year, then, have a look at what other organisations are doing and see if you can adapt some of their ideas for next year. Also, use printed labels throughout the year to market your business in a way that is different from your competitors.

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