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Printed Labels For Valentine's Day

By Ian Renton | Valentine's Day Labels | 13 Jan 2016 |

Printed Labels For Valentine's Day

Ian Renton  | 13/01/2016 | Valentine's Day Labels

Christmas is well and truly over now. The next big celebration for Australians is Australia Day on January 26. This is a time for barbecues and picnics and family gathering but for business owners, it is not a big commercial day.

Valentine's Day is the next day for celebration in the calendar. It is celebrated on February 14, because on that day in 270 AD, Valentinus was executed. The day before, he sent his true love, Julia, a note and signed it, From Your Valentine. Julia was the daughter of his gaoler, Austerius. Restaurants and florists will flourish on Valentine's Day as couples celebrate their romantic love with gifts and outings. Here are some obvious uses for custom labels on Valentine's Day. Florists are really popular in the leadup to Valentine's Day.

What would make a nice touch to the flowers you sell are printed labels with your company name and logo and the message Happy Valentine's Day. It is an inexpensive way of adding value for your customers. Restaurants could offer a free bottle of wine and add customised wine labels to these bottles. A bottle of wine is a romantic gesture and the wine label designed especially for the couple's Valentine's Day celebration will make their night even more special.

Another popular gift on Valentine's Day is cosmetics. If you sell cosmetics, you could create special cosmetic labels for a Valentine's Day promotion. It is not just florists and restaurants and cosmetic companies that can take advantage of Valentine's Day. Other businesses can benefit by using printed labels in a clever way to emphasise loving your customers. Love is a very flexible term and it does not always involve romance so you could have a special offer for your customers just because you love them. For example, you could have a customer appreciation Valentine's Special of a discount of 14%.

Such an offer is quite expensive. An alternative is to provide a gift, either as an incentive or an unexpected bonus. On the gift, your label could say, Happy Valentine's Day. We love having you as our customer and have enclosed this gift for you. It is important to show appreciation towards your clients and you should take advantage of special days to really make your business stand out. Printed labels for Valentine's Day is a clever way to start the year off on a positive note.

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