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How To Market Your Olive Oil Effectively?

By Ian Renton | Olive Oil Labels | 11 Sep 2017 |

How To Market Your Olive Oil Effectively?

Ian Renton  | 11/09/2017 | Olive Oil Labels

Before you can begin to market your olive oil effectively, you need to develop your target market. In other words, who do you want to buy your olive oil?

Is your olive oil for individuals, businesses or resellers?

As Stephen Covey would say, always begin with the end in mind and then work backwards. What are your goals? How many sales do you want? What is your capacity?

Next, what is your unique selling proposition? Why should customers buy their olive oil from you? What advantages do you offer your customers and why is your olive oil better than your competitors? Is it local? Is it made in a special way?

If you are producing large volumes, then you can offer lower prices and this could be a benefit but beware of selling on price as there is always someone willing to sell at a lower price than you. If you sell your olive oil to individuals, then you need to find those customers.

You could start by selling your bottles of olive oil at local markets. This is inexpensive and gives you a starting point to test the popularity of your olive oil. If your farm is easily found, you could use signage and local advertising to get your customers to come to you. You can also network within your local area though your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI group or other networking organisation. Your potential customers need to know you exist and how to find you.

As you become established and produce more olive oil and become more ambitious, then you could set up a website. If you have a website, you need traffic from Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, other social media or somewhere else. When you sell this way, you need to engage in packaging and delivery so you need the right suppliers. Individuals will buy a certain amount of olive oil but restaurants and other food outlets will buy a lot more. How can you sell to them easily? How do you approach them? Do you want local restaurants only or do you want to sell your olive oil outside your local area, outside your state or even overseas?

The final jigsaw in the puzzle to market your olive oil effectively is to decide whether to offer wholesale prices and if you do at what price and on what terms? It might seem glamorous to have your olive oil in small and large supermarkets but this form of marketing is only worth doing if the price is right. In other words, only go down this path if it is profitable to do so. You can start small though by approaching local stores and staying away at least initially from the big supermarkets.

 You Must Have The Very Best Olive Oil Labels

There is more to marketing than just planning your strategy and implementing it. Your packaging becomes part of the marketing process. The best place to start is with your bottles or other containers. Will you use plastic or glass? How many sizes will you offer? You have the dilemma that your customers may demand different sizes but until you grow it is expensive to get bottles of different sizes. Once you have your bottles, then you need labels for those bottles.

For a product like olive oil, repeat sales are going to be the lifeblood of your business so you need a reputable label printing company like Renton's Labels to ensure you have labels that are compliant, strong enough to handle spillage of the olive oil and importantly sell the benefits of your olive oil. Your olive oil labels are very important if you want to firstly capture the attention of your prospect or customer with a good headline and compelling benefits and secondly remind your customer of your brand when they see that label every time they pick up your bottle of olive oil.

Keep in mind that your olive oil labels will help you sell more olive oil so do not rush your design. Get it right. If you are not happy with your current design, then get your labels redesigned and reprinted in time for your next print run. These labels on your olive oil bottles are important to your success. If you want repeat sales, you will need a well-designed label. Also, your olive oil labels must be made of the right label materials.

We recommend a synthetic label because its strong adhesive means that the label is unlikely to peel off when the olive oil will inevitably spill onto the label. We also recommend lamination or varnishing to protect the outer surface of the label.

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