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Liquor Manufacturers Need Hand Sanitiser Labels

By Ian Renton | Essential Oil Labels, Food Labels, Hand Sanitiser Label, Label Material Types, Label Printing - General Knowledge, Product Labels | 9 Apr 2020 |

Liquor Manufacturers Need Hand Sanitiser Labels

Ian Renton  | 09/04/2020 | Essential Oil Labels,Food Labels,Hand Sanitiser Label,Label Material Types,Label Printing - General Knowledge,Product Labels

Liquor manufacturers need hand sanitiser labels because they have many of the ingredients as well as the licenses and equipment to make hand sanitisers. In the last few weeks, we have printed many thousands of hand sanitiser labels as demand has increased substantially due to the coronavirus.

The last recession in Australia was in 1991. I am old enough to remember that and recall interest rates on mortgages peaking around 17%. What we are going through now is far worse economically than the recession of 1991 but it is obviously much worse than the 1991 recession from a health point of view. Many businesses are obviously disadvantaged by the coronavirus as their sales reduce or stop altogether. However, some businesses are finding opportunities in this current situation.

On March 28, I listened to an interview on Radio 2GB by Chris Smith. It was with Will Edwards, the founder of Archie Rose, a liquor manufacturer in Rosebery, New South Wales. Liquor manufacturers are still operating but most have reduced sales due to the closure of pubs, licensed clubs and restaurants. Anyway, Will Edwards explained that he had the equipment, the license and the knowhow to make hand sanitisers. It was just a matter of sourcing the missing ingredients. Unsurprisingly, his first batch sold out very quickly. He now has a waiting list of over 10,000 customers and none of these are shops or other retails outlets. They are all individuals. Below Is a link to this interview. https://www.2gb.com/podcast/smithys-good-tucker-3/      

It is not just liquor manufacturers that need hand sanitiser labels. Renton's Labels has been swamped by requests for sole traders and small businesses. All requests are urgent as businesses are desperate to get their hand sanitisers to their clients as fast as possible.

When time is of the essence, then the advantages of label printing in Australia are obvious. Speed to market is vital and our hand sanitiser labels are printed in Australia. Our usual turnover of 5-7 days has reduced to 2-4 days when it comes to most order for labels for hand sanitisers. Of course, to produce these labels so quickly, we need a lot more than a choice to print labels in Australia. In fact, in 2019, we would have struggled to keep up with the recent increased demand in printed labels.

That is a problem no more. The new digital label equipment for Renton's Labels in 2020 has meant that urgent orders are processed more quickly as our updated equipment can print thousands of metres of labels and cut those labels to size in a single day.

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