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How Important Are Your Food Labels?

By Ian Renton | Food Labels, Label Design Tips | 17 Dec 2018 |

How Important Are Your Food Labels?

Ian Renton  | 17/12/2018 | Food Labels,Label Design Tips

Have you ever stopped to think how important are your food labels? On Friday, I received a phone call from one of our new customers in 2018. We helped him redesign labels for his takeaway food business. I was pleased to hear that his sales over the last six months have increased by 20% and he attributes a large part of that increase in sales to the freshly designed and printed takeaway food labels we have printed for him this year. You really need to get the right design for your printed labels. This includes having the right fonts, the right images, the right colours and fitting the relevant information onto your labels. You also need an expert graphic designer to provide the most appropriate artwork and this involves much more than just providing crop marks and bleed. The content for your labels is also relevant because you must comply with all laws governing your food labels. In some cases, this means having two or three labels. You will need labels for your ingredients, country of origin labels and of course, labels that help you sell more of your food products.

The Link Between Food Labels And An Old Proverb

I am wondering if you know the link between food labels and an old proverb. Well, there is an old saying that says, don't judge a book by its cover.The saying is not directly referring to books but instead refers to the act of judging anything by its outward appearance. When it comes to your food products, yes it is the actual product that is important. However, as my new customer discovered, your food labels will impact your sales. This is because we do prejudge according to appearance. It is not that we are all superficial; it is just that most of us are time poor. Decisions are made quickly and the label on your product is what is going to catch the eye of the consumer. Also, appealing product labels help to bring in repeat sales so it is worth taking the time to get your labels right in the first place.

Food Labels and Plain Packaging Cigarette Laws

What could food labels and plain packaging cigarette laws actually have in common? Well the answer is nothing. They are complete opposites. Plain packaging cigarette laws came into law in Australia in late 2012. The goal was to reduce the demand for cigarettes in Australia. The cigarette manufacturers were obviously trying to do the reverse. That is their responsibility to their shareholders. It was the government's belief that the packaging or labelling of a product has a significant impact on sales. The government was trying to reduce cigarette sales by making the packaging as unappealing as possible. It stands to reason then that the reverse is true. To increase sales of your products, then you need the most appealing label design that you can come up with. If you want us revamp your label design and print your next run of labels, then please get in touch with us at Renton's Labels. You can email us at info@rentonslabels.com.au or call us on 1-800 736 861.

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