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Food Labels at the Federal Election

By Ian Renton | Food Labels | 14 Jun 2016 |

Food Labels at the Federal Election

Ian Renton  | 14/06/2016 | Food Labels

How Can You Market Your Food Products in a Novel Way?

The federal election is less than three weeks away now so it will be time to vote very soon. Even though it is a federal election, there will be a strong sense of local community as most of us will be voting in local schools or community centres. There are often social events organised but after each election, there is an opportunity to eat more and more different types of food.

If you are raising money for a local school or a local charity or a different worthwhile cause, then you could create more awareness of what you are doing through food labels. On these labels, you could identify the food and its ingredients and if you do this, you should make sure your food labels are legal. There are exemptions.

Laws pertaining to food labels are less stricter for those selling food on Election Day than regular providers to local supermarkets. Nevertheless, it is still important that the buyers of your food know about the ingredients in your food as there are just so many people to today that are afflicted by food allergies.

Choose a Reputable Label Printing Company

However, labelling is about much more than just obeying the law. You can use labels for promotion, either for yourself, your business, your cause and most importantly, the food or products you are selling. Make sure you print high quality food labels as it is important to look professional.

Handwriting on a computer label is not recommended.Engage a reputable label printing company.

The great thing about selling your food on Election Day on July 2 is that there are literally hundreds of polling booths around the country. You have an opportunity for sales at different booths and exposure for the food you are providing. I am a great believer in marketing your products and services in different ways.

When it comes to food, the obvious method is to contact supermarkets yourself or through specialised food distributors. You can also sell at local markets. There are many weekend markets and a few weekday markets in Australia that enable you to sell organic food and other organic products.

You can also sell your food online or approach small food outlets yourself. Trade shows are another way of getting exposure for your food. However, always look out for novel ways of selling your food and Election Day is one such method. Of course, you cannot just turn up. You will need to get permission from local authorities to do so.

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