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Five Uses For Sticker Printing At Christmas Time

By Ian Renton | Christmas Labels | 8 Dec 2015 |

Five Uses For Sticker Printing At Christmas Time

Ian Renton  | 08/12/2015 | Christmas Labels

If you are in business, then in the lead up to Christmas you probably have a lot on your mind. If you are a retailer, then December might be your biggest sales month of the year. For businesses with a large database of customers, then you will probably be thinking of ways to thank and recognise your customers, staff and suppliers. Other businesses may be trying to get things in order for an extended closedown period. Below are five ways that sticker printing can help your business in the lead up to Christmas.

  1. Wish your clients a Merry Christmas and thank them for their business.

Whatever you do this Christmas, do not rely wholly on digital media to communicate with your clients. Send a gift or a Christmas card or put something in the mail. Christmas stickers really add variety to your communication. Use Christmas stickers on invoices, statements, quotations, parcels and virtually anything that is going in the mail or is delivered by courier. The more often you say, Merry Christmas or Thank you for your business in the past year, the better.

Your customers like to be recognised and know they are important to your business and Christmas stickers are a colourful and economical way of doing this.

  1. Labelling gifts.

I find it strange that in our personal life, we buy all sorts of gifts for family, some of whom we do not even get on very well with. Many businesses provide gifts for staff but when it comes to our customers, they usually finish well down the pecking order when it comes to receiving gifts. However, it is the customers that provide the wages for the staff to provide funds for gifts for family members. Gifts need not be lavish and at Christmas time, it really is the thought that counts. If it is the thought that counts, then there should be some sort of words that accompany your gift. The easiest way of labelling your gift is with a printed sticker. This may be as simple as a to-from sticker. Businesses may want to personalise their stickers to print a message of thanks on the gift. A very common gift for customers at Christmas time is wine. You can actually create your own customised wine label to add value to your gift and to also promote your business at the same time.

  1. Collect your money before Christmas.

January is one of the most difficult times of the year to collect money because businesses are closed and those that are open often operate with limited staff. It is imperative to collect as much money owed to you before Christmas as possible as your rent and other costs are still due in January and if you are closed, then you will not be getting many sales. Sticker printing can help in the form of Christmas stickers. They can be placed on your November statements or other accounts going out in December.

  1. Advise your customers of your closing dates.

If your business does close for a few days over Christmas, then it is important to let your customers know. Sure, you can send an email but a more attractive and effective method of communication is with a colourful Christmas closedown sticker . These stickers can go on your November statements, other accounts, quotes, parcels, gifts and even Christmas cards.

  1. Celebrate.

Christmas is a time for celebration. Churches and Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Young children will welcome the arrival of Santa Claus. Schools finish for the year. Many businesses close down for days or even weeks. There are parties and family get-togethers. If you have an important celebration in the lead-up to Christmas, then you can use event labels. Of course, sticker printing is a valuable marketing tool to be used all of the year round but you can really take advantage of this at Christmas time.

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