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The Dilemma of Printing Essential Oil Labels

By Ian Renton | Essential Oil Labels, Label Stocks | 15 Nov 2016 |

The Dilemma of Printing Essential Oil Labels

Ian Renton  | 15/11/2016 | Essential Oil Labels,Label Stocks

Last week, I took two different enquiries for essential oil labels. On both occasions, the businesses were just starting up so both owners were not in a position to purchase many thousands of labels.

The other issue when it comes to labels for bottles or containers of essential oils is that you are likely to sell more than one type of oil so that means you will need many different labels for many different products. At Renton's Labels, we offer two alternatives. The first option is to order sheet-fed label stock on Datapol. These labels can be used for essential oils as they are water resistant. They are ideal for weddings or events where you are essentially giving away your products. The purpose of the label is to catch the eye of the user before the bottle or container is even opened. T

he great advantage of these labels on Datapol stock and on A4 sheets is that they are inexpensive and the saving can be as much as $150 per batch of labels ordered when compared to roll fed essential oil labels. That is a significant saving when you only need a small quantity of labels and you also may have several kinds of essential oils to promote. However, we will offer discounts for multiple kinds of labels but not all label printing companies will do this for you.

Please be warned that the label stock we recommend for bottles or containers of essential oil is a synthetic label stock with a gloss laminate. Of all of the options when it comes to label material types, this is the one we recommend for essential oils for two reasons.

Firstly, a strong synthetic stock means that the label is stuck firmly to the bottle and the oil cannot seep under the label and cause it to peel off. Secondly, you need to protect the information, i.e. the printing on your label and to do this effectively, you need to protect the label with a gloss or matt laminate.

The Pitfalls of Cheap Essential Oil Labels

However, the lady I spoke to last week discovered the pitfalls of cheap essential oil labels the hard way. The label printing company she employed recommended a regular gloss label and this caused two problems.

Firstly, the essential oil when spilt seeped underneath the label causing it to peel off. Secondly, the printing became virtually illegible. When the oil dripped onto the label the printing was badly smudged as there was no protective coating on the label. The moral of this true story is that you should not compromise on quality when it comes to the printing of your essential oil labels for commercial use.

The label on your bottle or container will play a big role in the repeat business of your essential oils and you need a strong label that will withstand the inevitability of the oil dripping onto your label.

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