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Vinyl Labels: Waterproof Solutions for Durability

By Ian Renton | Label Stocks, Vinyl Labels | 21 Nov 2017 |

Vinyl Labels: Waterproof Solutions for Durability

Ian Renton  | 21/11/2017 | Label Stocks,Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are typically more expensive than permanent paper labels or synthetic labels but they are also stronger and more durable. We generally only recommend vinyl labels where it is absolutely necessary.

So, what exactly are vinyl labels?

Vinyl is a synthetic rein or plastic coating and vinyl labels are labels made out of this vinyl material. There are a few different types of material used for vinyl labels but our preference is for the higher quality vinyl material. Our vinyl stickers are durable and will last up to five years. They are also manufactured in Australia.

These stickers have a very strong adhesive and have an application as a coating to enable easy application onto the surface.

Uses Of Vinyl Labels

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to use vinyl labels just because a label comes in contact with moisture or cold conditions. Synthetic labels are usually adequate for such purposes including many bottle labels and cosmetic labels. Vinyl stickers really are useful for outdoor purposes where the labels will be exposed to rain, wind, heat or even snow. This is because these labels are waterproof and strong enough to handle most conditions. When you see labels on products, it is rare that such a product is kept for any longer than a few months. Most product labels are adequately protected with a synthetic stock and laminate or varnish finish.

Vinyl is invariably one of the best label printing materials to use when durability is important. Here are some examples:

  1. Window Labels The labels you see on shop windows are invariably vinyl. In fact, the vinyl stickers don't really look like stickers. Instead, it looks as though printing has been done directly onto the glass. This is rarely the case though.
  2. Labels for motor vehicles The most common type of label for motor vehicles is the bumper sticker on a typical sedan. Since these labels are exposed to the weather, they must be waterproof so vinyl stickers are most common for this purpose. If labels are going on car windows, then vinyl is the best material as it is a similar surface to shop windows. Also, advertising on buses and taxis are typically labels made of vinyl.
  3. Chemical Labels Again, vinyl is the best material for two reasons. Firstly, the chemical spillage on a label requires the strongest possible labels. Secondly, the containers of such chemicals are often stored outside so the labels must have protection from the elements.
  4. Dishwasher Labels Most of the time, labels on bottles or containers will be made from a synthetic stock rather than vinyl. Lately, we have been receiving several inquiries for dishwasher labels. For labels on containers that are to go into a dishwasher, then vinyl is the recommended material. This is because the conditions inside a dishwasher are harsh sometimes as harsh as outdoor conditions.

Also, it is obviously the intention of the owner of the product for the bottle or other container to be kept on a long term basis so durability is important. Be cautious when ordering vinyl labels. Firstly, you need to get the very best quality. Be sceptical if the price for vinyl labels is similar to that of permanent gloss paper labels or synthetic labels as it means that a lower quality of vinyl is most likely being used.

Secondly, don't use vinyl too often. The quality of synthetic labels with a gloss or varnish covering for extra protection for the printing means that these labels are more commonly used and are capable of handling most scenarios.

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