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An Unusual Use for Warning Labels

By Ian Renton | Warning Labels | 23 Nov 2015 |

An Unusual Use for Warning Labels

Ian Renton  | 23/11/2015 | Warning Labels

When most of us think of warning labels, we are probably thinking of any of the following:

  • Cleaning labels on various kitchen chemical products to warn of the dangers of swallowing.
  • Packaging labels to warn couriers of heavy items and to be careful of their backs. There is actually a common label with a stick figure bending over.
  • Labels to warn of flammable products, especially in relation to chemicals.
  • Labels to warn of the dangers of touching products when hot. These are used on kettles, heaters, car radiators, etc.
  • Baby product labels. There are a number of labels needed for children's toys. In particular, there is a problem of small parts. I am well aware of this problem as my nine-month old daughter is currently searching for anything she can put in her mouth.
  • Food labels. Today, so many of us are allergic to certain food ingredients and especially nuts so warnings are actually placed on food products.

As well as various uses of warning labels, we have warning signs for any of the following:

  • Changes in road conditions
  • Sharks
  • Kangaroos
  • Rising Tides

As well as warning labels and warning signs, we also have warning sounds:

  • Fire engines, police cars and ambulances.
  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke alarms
  • Alarm clocks
  • Evacuation warnings

OK, I doubt you will have any qualms about the above warnings. Not all warnings are really necessary and if you want a good laugh about frivolous warnings, refer to my blog earlier in the year on the strangest warning labels.

We are not yet living in a nanny state but we are being warned more often than ever before. You may not be surprised about the latest call for a new type of warning label. Last month, research from Bournemouth University in the UK concluded that warning labels should be attached to digital devices to encourage responsible usage and prevent digital addiction. Reference:http://newswise.com/articles/warning-labels-should-be-introduced-to-prevent-digital-addiction-bournemouth-university-bu-research-finds

Furthermore, the writer adds: A study by software experts and psychologists from BU (Bournemouth University in UK) found that more than 80 per cent of participants believed digital warning labels were a good idea, and would encourage users to adapt their use of digital devices and social networking sites.

As a player in the label printing market, it is always great to have increased demand for printed labels but as a member of society, I am a great believer in personal responsibility. We simply cannot protect everyone from themselves. Perhaps, a warning label could be attached on our flat top TV screen that states: Warning, if you sit in front of me for prolonged periods, you may be subject to weight gain which could adversely affect your health. Now, there is a new idea for a warning label.

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