Egg Carton Labels

Get The Very Best Egg Carton Labels

Not all eggs are the same so if you want your eggs to stand out at a supermarket, at a farmer’s market or on your website, then you must get the very best egg carton labels. When you choose Renton’s Labels, the labels on your egg cartons will be printed on state of the art digital label printing equipment to help your eggs stand out wherever they are marketed.

Egg Labels

We can also help you to get the best designs for your custom printed egg carton labels. You can hire our graphic design department since we are label design specialists. If you need labels designed especially for your egg cartons, then please contact us.

Firstly, you need to get your egg cartons. Most likely, you will sell your eggs by the dozen but you can also get egg cartons to hold 6 eggs, 24 eggs or 36 eggs. Below are some ideas to help you have the very best labels for your eggs.

Include The Following On Your Egg Carton Labels

Firstly, what is your selling point? Why should your clients buy their eggs from you as opposed to other suppliers?. Are your eggs better and if so, why? Here are some points to include on your labels:

–          Name of your eggs. Yes, you are going to need some branding.

–          Describe the eggs – e.g. do they come from free range hens. Are the hens kept outdoors or indoors?

–          Size or net weight

–          Use by date

–          Storage advice

–          Your business name and address

Your Egg Labels Must Be Legal

There is actually an Australian Egg Standard that primary producers are expected to abide by. Here is the link for that standard.

Basically, there are government safety standards to be adhered to. For example, you must ensure your feed for your hens is not contaminated. Also, you cannot sell cracked or dirty eggs.

Do You Need Barcodes For Your Egg Carton Labels?

If you sell your eggs in a supermarket, fruit shop or other retail store then most likely you will want to apply for a barcode. There are several companies to choose from but most of our customers choose this one.

Whenever you include a barcode on your labels, it is very important that these egg labels are printed in high resolution so the barcode is clear and can be easily read by the scanning equipment. Renton’s Labels uses the very best label printing machinery to ensure your barcoded labels will always be printed in the highest quality.

Choose The Best Stock For Your Egg Carton Labels

Eggs may be stored for around four weeks. Many clients will choose to keep their eggs in their refrigerator so it is worth protecting your labels with a laminate or varnish so the labels will last for four weeks or longer in your fridge. The laminate or varnish will also protect the eggs if the egg yolk spills onto the egg carton and directly onto your label. If you want extra protection from such an occurrence, then we would recommend a synthetic label with a gloss or matt finish.

For a detailed summary of common label stocks we use and recommend, please refer to this web page.

Get A Quote Today For Your Egg Labels

As well as getting help with your label design, links to labelling laws and stock recommendations for your egg carton labels, when you order from Renton’s Labels, you will also receive:

  1. Very competitive prices.
  2. Our impressive Double Guarantee. No other label printing company will give you your money back plus 20%. There is no risk to you when you buy from Renton’s Labels. You can also set up a 30 day account.
  3. Fast delivery and fast response to your enquiries and artwork requirements.  

Contact Renton’s Labels for a free quote on 1-800 736 861 or 02 8825 6820. You can also email:

If your artwork is print ready, please attach it to your email. We prefer files as PDF, EPS or TIFF with a resolution of 300 dpi or more. To help us give you an accurate quote, please send us your preferred size(s) and quantities including variations so we can do a quote for your custom printed egg carton labels. Also, please advise if you need assistance in preparing artwork.