Dip Labels

There are many varieties of delicious dips and pates today and these tasty pre-dinner snacks are always popular. They make a perfect treat for all sorts of parties. Some of the tasty flavours of dips today include hommus, beetroot, spinach, shallot, salsa, tomato and smoked salmon. Add the appropriate savoury biscuits and your guests can dine in style.

The dips come in small plastic tubs or containers which are ideal for labels on their lids. Dip labels need to be clear for identification purposes as there are so many different types of dips available. Renton’s Labels can then help you create quality dip labels and stickers, using the appropriate flair to promote the tasty contents.


Quality dip labels and stickers to identify your product

At Renton’s, we can create and print dip labels for you that display the flavours of the dips and easily identify the contents. We have a huge range of colours so the contents can be matched with the label. We can print dip sticker labels using your artwork or even design it for you and write a suitable description.

Dips are kept in your fridge and we use special materials for the labels – a polyester stock with a gloss laminate. This means that the dip label remains bright and clear even when stored in cold temperatures.

You may have the best tasting dips in town but you can improve their popularity with attractive dip labels and stickers, beautifully printed by Renton’s Labels. Place your order either online or give us a call on 1800 736 861.