Cleaning Labels

Add identity to your cleaning product range with branded stickers & labels

Unless you are in charge of cleaning in your home or office, take a look in the cleaning cupboard at home or at work and see just how many cleaning products are stored there. There may well be plenty because even in a secular society today, cleanliness is still next to godliness.

There are cleaning products for sinks, tops, taps, toilets, floors, windows and more. The product by itself lacks something – the personal touch, your brand identity. That personal touch will come from your customised cleaning labels and it is what will make your product stand out on the supermarket shelves or wherever your product is sold.


Cleaning labels that make a statement

You need to add your own label to your cleaning products. Use your company logo and slogan or, if you don’t have these, choose from a wide range of designs available or even have the manufacturer design your own special logo.

Renton’s Labels are the experts in creating, designing and printing cleaning labels and stickers for a range of products. For cleaning products we typically use water resistant labels, usually with a gloss laminate finish for extra protection. This ensures longer life and visibility to your products.

Order custom cleaning labels today from Renton’s Labels and make a statement with your cleaning product range. You can place your order online or simply give us a call on 1800 736 861.