Skincare Labels

Custom Skincare Labels

Renton’s Labels provides a large range of custom labels for your skincare products.

Our sophisticated digital label printing equipment allows us to provide custom skincare labels in a variety of sizes to fit almost any sized container. You can choose bright, strong colours or calming, pastel colours for your labels. Our graphic design team can also recommend the best way to use your brand and even design a label for you to expertly fit your tube or bottle or jar or other container. Also, you need a label that will stand out and fly off the shelves as well as be informative to your clients. You can trust Renton’s Labels to not only provide the highest quality labels to fit your containers perfectly but also to help you come up a design that is eye-catching and effective.

We print all types of skincare labels. These include bath and body labels, soap labels, cosmetic labels and essential oil labels

Ensure Your Skincare Label Printing Is Legal

Like all label printing companies, we love to receive print ready artwork, but as explained above, we can also help you with design as our skilled graphic designers have several years of experience in designing the very best labels for you. Before proceeding too far with your label design, you should check that your skincare label adheres to all government regulations.

We are not lawyers and we do not employ any lawyers but we do draw your attention to skincare labelling laws that you must be familiar with before you print your skincare labels. Your skincare products come under the same labelling laws as cosmetic products which according to the federal government are any products that alter the odour or appearance of the skin and either clean or protect the body. Clearly, your skincare products are affected here so you should be familiar with this website before submitting your label artwork for your skincare products. Here is the site:

Choose The Best Stock For Your Skincare Labels

Renton’s Labels is happy to provide you with advice on graphic design and links for important government websites and as an experienced printer of labels for the skincare industry, we can also provide you with the best advice with regards to the right label material for your labels.

Your label may get damaged if the cream or other product should seep under or onto the label. A permanent paper based label is not strong enough to offer such protection. Instead, we recommend a synthetic label because its strong adhesive will ensure your labels will remain firmly attached to your jar or tube or other container even if some of your product gets onto the label. A gloss or matt laminate adds an additional layer of protection to the synthetic label stock. The laminate provides protection to both the printing and the outer surface of the label. Varnish is a good alternative to a laminate but is commonly used only when your skincare labels are machine applied.

Renton’s Labels Provides Personalised Service For Your Customised Skincare Labels

At Renton’s Labels, we have access to some very advanced label printing technology but there is one thing we won’t leave to the machines and that is personalised customer service. Renton’s Labels employs experts in the graphic design and label printing industry and they can advise on the right stock, the most appropriate design and even the optimum quantities for your labels. We are happy to walk you through every step of the label printing process. You will get the labels that best suit your needs. This means your labels will be protected from potential damage but at the same time you do not pay too much for your labels.

Also, we have been servicing our label printing customers for over 50 years and can deliver several benefits that include:

  • Flat delivery fee of just $7 (Priority or express delivery is billed at cost.)
  • You are protected by our 120% Money Back Guarantee. Our competitors will not dare to match this.
  • If you prefer, you can apply to set up a 30 day account.
  • The minimum order is only 100 labels.

Get Free Quotes For Your Custom Skincare Labels

You can do your own instant quote now to the right. For skincare labels, we recommend you choose labels on rolls and the stock option to choose is synthetic plus laminate. Note also that when ordering many kinds of labels, the quotation is based on the size of your total order but only if your labels are all the same size.

You can also email your artwork and quote request or questions to or call us on 1-800 736 861 or 02 8825 6820.