Mascara Labels

Quality printed labels for mascara delivered across Australia

The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, and treatment of the eyes using an early form of mascara can be traced back some 6000 years to the ancient Egyptians. In the Victorian age, women would take ash and fruit juice mixing and heating it and applying to their eye lashes. That was until petroleum jelly was used to create what has become what we know today as mascara.

As a gift, an unusual mascara collection would be an inspired choice for any woman who enjoys cosmetics and accentuating her eyes. The simple mascara containers are usually round or rectangular or occasionally of some arty shape. The key to making the gift truly memorable though would be to attach a personalised label to the container. Renton’s Labels are the experts when it comes to printing mascara labels and stickers for cosmetics for a range of applications, be it a personalised message or the logo of your own mascara business.

A range of labels for mascara available online

Renton’s Labels has vast experience in preparing and printing labels for all occasions and for every sized container or gift imaginable. We produce labels to match the shape and colour of your mascara, taking your company’s thoughts and image to a new and appreciative audience.

When you think how many times a woman opens her purse, handbag or vanity drawer to take out her mascara, having your company’s name subtly revealed on each occasion is an eye-opener in more ways than one.

Print your own mascara sticker labels online at Renton’s Labels, and notice the difference professional quality finish makes to your product, Call 1800 736 861 or order online today!