Printing dynamic labels for lip gloss and more

When people buy lip balm from a store, they are looking for only the best that guarantees no issues or reactions when applied on lips. The best way to draw consumers’ attention to your range of lip balm or gloss is to create a distinctive, attention grabbing label. Renton’s Labels specialises in printing lip balm labels for tubes or sticks, depending on your application.

Your lip balm label requires premium attention because the product is often packaged in very small tubes. You don’t have a lot of room to advertise your brand and importantly comply with the labelling laws for cosmetic products.

Like most cosmetic labels, lip gloss or balm labels are also likely to be exposed to moisture and the product itself, so we recommend polyester labels with a gloss laminate finish. These are strong enough for these purposes and are less expensive than vinyl labels.

For the best quality lip balm labels and lip gloss stickers, call Renton’s Labels on 1800 736 861 or order online for advice on your lip balm labels.

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