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Get The Very Best Lip Balm Labels

If you want to get the very best lip balm labels, then you should look no further than Renton’s Labels. Your labels will be printed on state of the art digital label printing equipment to help your lip gloss or lip balm stand out on your website, at markets, on a supermarket shelf and in your customers’ homes. Give yourself the opportunity of selling more lip balm with durable labels printed on the right stock.

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You can also get the best designs for your custom lip balm labels when you take advantage of our graphic design department featuring label design specialists.

When people buy lip balm from a store, they are looking for only the best that guarantees no issues or reactions when applied on lips. The best way to draw consumers’ attention to your range of lip balm or lip gloss is to create a distinctive, attention grabbing label. Renton’s Labels specialises in designing and printing lip balm labels for tubes or sticks, depending on your application.

Ensure Your Lip Balm Labels Are Legal

Your lip balm label requires premium attention because the product is often packaged in very small tubes. You don’t have a lot of room to advertise your brand and importantly comply with the labelling laws for cosmetic products.

Lip balm definitely comes under the laws regarding cosmetic labels because lip balm and related products are designed to protect the external part of the body, the lips in this case. This means your lip balm labels need to include the ingredients of your product to protect the consumers from any potential allergies. However, the law does allow for these ingredients to be included on any outer packaging if you have it. More often than not, the ingredients will appear on the label as lip balm is often sold without outer packaging. 

Do You Need Barcodes For Your Lip Balm Labels?

If you are selling lip gloss or lip balm in a supermarket or other retail outlet, then most likely you will want to apply for a barcode. There are several choices available but most of our clients prefer this company.

When you have a barcode, it is important that your lip balm labels are printed in a high resolution, i.e. in the very best quality. Renton’s Labels uses only the very best label printing machinery available to ensure your barcoded labels will always be of the highest quality.

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Choose The Right Stock For Your Custom Lip Balm Labels

Most lip gloss and lip balm are provided in a thin plastic tube. This creates two problems that must be overcome. Firstly, the tube is small so the label does not want to be too thick. Secondly, the plastic tube requires a strong adhesive since plastic is not an easy surface for the label to adhere to. Hence, we recommend a synthetic label, ideally with a varnish coating.

The synthetic label will have a strong adhesive and this is needed to stick to the plastic and is important if any of your product could potentially seep under the label. The varnish provides an extra coating to protect the printing on the label from spillage of the product too and also exposure to other elements such as water or sunlight.

Normally, a laminate is just as an effective outer coating as a varnish but the laminate coating is slightly thicker so for lip balm labels, we recommend a varnish coating since the tube is very small. Hence, the slightly thinner label with the varnish coating is more suitable.

For a detailed summary of the common label stocks we use and recommend, refer to this web page.

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When you order from Renton’s Labels, you can get help with your label design and links to the most important cosmetic labelling laws as well as stock recommendations for your lip balm labels. You will also receive:

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