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The development of digital label printing technology has made personalised wine a popular gift at weddings, corporate functions and at Christmas time. Rather than promote a major winery and their brand, you can promote your business or your wedding or any other special occasion.

Before you think about the wine labels to use, you should choose your wine. Unlabelled wine has actually been available in Australia since the 1960s. Most reputable liquor outlets will sell cleanskins in sealed cartons of 6 or 12 bottles. The cartons must display a label that meets the legal requirements as defined by Australian law.

The size of your wine label is the next thing to consider. Of course, the size will depend on the shape of the wine bottle you have chosen. Here at Renton’s Labels, we have four standard sizes for wine labels. They are:

– Rounded 98mm x 140mm labels for regular wine bottles.
– Rectangular 99mm x 139mm labels also for regular wine bottles
– 65mm x 140mm for tall thin wine bottles
– 66mm x 54mm for mini wine bottles.

We can also print a different size or you can actually print two labels, one on the front and one on the back but this is more expensive to do it this way.

Possibly, the most important part of the wine label is the type of paper that you use. Wine labels need to be durable since they are often left on wine bottles for several years, even decades. However, your gift is likely to be consumed quite quickly. Wine bottles are not refrigerated for a lengthy time, nor are they exposed to the weather so vinyl labels are not necessary but wine bottles are frequently immersed in ice so regular paper labels are not acceptable either.

We use WLK 202 label stock, recommended by the wine industry specifically for wine bottles. These labels have a stronger adhesive than other labels and have been tested and proven for recycled bottles and any surfaces affected by condensation.

Wine labels can be printed in a matt or gloss finish. We recommend a gloss finish as the shinier labels do more justice to the colours in the wine labels.

Finally, you can design your wine labels. You can mention your special occasion but importantly you should describe the wine inside the bottle accurately as this is, of course, the main feature of personalised wine bottles.

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