Wine Labels To Win Hearts

  1. Design Wine Labels That Win Hearts

Obviously it’s the wine itself which gets the kudos. It’s not the bottle or the label or even the display case if one is used. It’s the wine, dummy. But think about it. First impressions are very important. The label on a bottle of wine has many tasks. It must grab the attention of the customer. It must tell the truth. It must tempt the consumer into becoming intimate with the contents of that bottle. In fact a good wine label is the first step in the chain from growing grapes to ‘cheers’.

So what can you do about creating a wine label which ticks all the boxes? Well thinking outside the box is a great place to start. Does the shape have to be rectangular?  There are many styles and shapes and sizes of wine labels. Does it contain all the required information? That’s easily done by following the regulations as set down by the Wine Australia Compliance Guide. But does your wine label tempt the consumer?

There’s the key. There’s the vital ingredient or component of every wine label. Of course if your brand is already well known then brand recognition is not so much a factor for a new wine. But if you’re trying to break into the market think long and hard about the image you want to portray. Is your wine traditional, cheeky, flamboyant or rebellious? Capture the mood of your wine on your wine label.

Colour, typeface, size and layout are all relevant factors. Look at dozens of wine labels. What do you like about them? List all the good points. Show these points to your graphic designer. Haven’t got a graphic designer? Find a quality printer who has an in-house designer meaning you can get your wine labels designed and printed all from the same source. By all means produce the finest wine but use your wine labels to tell the world all about that perfect wine.

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