Wine Labels – Design Ideas

Wine labels are not just any labels. You need to do a little more than just include some text and the type of wine you are selling or giving away as a gift. Whether a gift or a product for sale, the label is really what adds impact to the actual wine inside the bottle.

When I searched for wine labels on the internet, I guess I was not surprised to find that there are people who actually collect wine labels, just like others collect stamps or coins.

Wine labels really are product labels but you won’t find as much care and attention taken over skincare labels, candle labels, cleaning labels, medical labels and other sorts of product labels.

The design of wine labels really is a work of art in itself so it is worth going to some trouble to come up with the best wine label design you can possibly get.

Anyway, back to the collectors of wine labels. You can visit to get some ideas for your wine labels.

Often, it is difficult to start with a blank sheet so it can be helpful to start with other designs, not for you to copy, but for you to see how others have designed their wine labels.

Here are ten obvious things that most wine labels should include:

  1. Red or white wine
  2. Type of wine
  3. Year produced
  4. Volume in millilitres
  5. Alcohol content
  6. Brand name for sales purposes or reason for your gift
  7. Background information or an interesting story
  8. An appropriate picture or design
  9. Choice of fonts and point size
  10. Choice of colours of text, images and background colours.

By looking at some of these examples, you can also get some lessons in what not to do when designing your wine labels. Be wary of dark background colours as dark colours make the text difficult to read.

When selling your wine, the label must be able to be read clearly and at a distance so use short and plain headlines that are easy to read. Not everyone will read everything on your wine label.

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