Why Our World Would End If Wine Labels Disappeared

We’ve all heard the saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well the same applies to wine. But it is the label on the bottle which is so important in choosing the wine we wish to enjoy.

A book’s cover may be eye-catching and once we’ve selected the book, we can peruse its pages, reading bits here and there to see if it’s the type of book we’d really enjoy. The same can’t be said of the contents of a wine bottle. This then makes the label ever so important.

Just imagine if wine bottles were not labelled. Apart from the obvious colour, so many things, so many facts about the wine would be missing; the alcohol content, the year of the vintage, the country in which it was produced and much more. All these facts are important when we set out to select our wine.

So what a difference a wine label makes. It informs us about the history of the wine, its type and its vintage. But the world of wine-making is competitive. Most areas of business are competitive and wine-making is up there with the best of them. Wine is made in many countries and marketing is vital for the success of each new vintage.

This is where the wine label comes into its own. First it conveys brand recognition. The name, the logo and the presentation of your wine label is your first step to success. Think carefully about design, about your business name and your logo. ‘Keep it simple’ might be the best advice you can get. Is it eye-catching? Does it stand out when placed on a shelf alongside your competitors?

Without a correct wine label – there are government regulations about content – and one which ‘sells’ your wine, you are up against it. Let your label become your best asset apart from your wine. Remember the best wine needs to be sold and the best way to do that is with a terrific wine label.

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