Where Sticker Printing Is Heading In The Next Five Years

Wouldn’t you just like to know? Being successful in business and maintaining your growth rate is every company’s dream. If only we knew what trends and inventions were just around the corner. We can start planning for such events today and avoid being left behind. Well if I knew exactly what was due to happen in say the sticker printing world, I’d probably keep it under my hat so as to take full advantage of any new developments.

But there are some things which already have made their mark. Trade shows and seminars are ideal places and events to discover what’s new in the world of printing and printing stickers will be centre front when the following new technologies hit the market. I’m talking about two seriously impressive innovations in the form of:

  • 3D printing with electronics embedded and
  • Laser sintering

I’d never heard of laser sintering either but it allows you to print 3D images in metal. Just think of that in terms of your new sticker printing projects. You want an impressive large sticker emblazoned across your building but worry about weather and other elements affecting the quality. That may soon be a worry no more with this exciting new way of sticker printing.

Then there’s the fabulous look of 3D stickers which alone creates all sorts of possibilities but when you can have electronics embedded in your sticker then even more potential is added to what was once a simple 2D sticker. Stickers of all sizes and shapes are here forever but how they will look and be created tomorrow is only just starting to be revealed.

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