What Your Mother Never Told You About Sticker Labels

There are many topics your Mum didn’t raise with you as a kid. Some you’ll be pleased she didn’t talk about. But there are topics you would have liked to hear about especially if you’re in business and are always on the lookout for new and better ways to improve your bottom line.

Sticker labels and what they can do is one topic you need to seriously discuss – with your mother if necessary and certainly with your business associates. Sticker labels have an enormous upside and are capable of doing your business and brand the world of good even while you’re away from work or even in the land of Nod.

Here’s a definite spin-off. You go to a trade fair, expo or business event where people are there to investigate, have a sticky-beak and even to buy. You have your stall manned and include plenty of bright, eye-catching sticker labels. You give them away and anything free is always welcome. Because they are easy to apply, the best sticker labels are attached in a second or two – pretty soon there will be clothing, books, laptops and who knows what else, displaying your company’s sticker label. Now that’s what is known as free advertising. Your logo is being carried around town by all and sundry.

Then there’s the snowball effect. You sell something and send it to your customer but add a sticker label. Anyone handling the package can see the new, bright label and your customer can be invited to try another product courtesy of your sticker label. You use a sale to make a sale.

Sticker labels are almost any size, shape and colour. Have a variety of them for different purposes. Know that sticker labels are an economical and on-going way to promote your brand and boost your sales.

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