What Wine Labels Are Available?

Before choosing your wine labels, you must choose your wine bottle. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleanskin_(wine) these are easily obtained by any number of retail wine outlets. Here is what Wikipedia says.

“In Australia, cleanskin wine is a term for bottled wine that does not carry a label or any other identifying marks. Cleanskin wines are sold in sealed cartons of six or twelve bottles and the carton must display a label that meets the minimum legal requirements as defined by Australian law. Cleanskin wines have been sold in Australia since at least the early 1960s.”

Next, you need to work out the size of your wine labels. Are your cleanskin wine bottles regular sized, tall and thin or mini bottles? Generally, the approximate sizes of such wine labels are 99mm x 139mm for regular wine bottles, 65mm x 140mm for tall thin wine bottles and 66mm x 54mm for mini wine bottles.

If wine labels are to be given as gifts for say, a wedding or Christmas present, then most likely the wine will be consumed quite quickly. However, wine labels are also designed to be durable. For most cases, wine labels are water resistant rather than waterproof. This is because wine bottles are commonly stored in wine cellars or people’s homes at room temperatures. However, the wine bottles can be immersed in an ice bucket without disintegrating.

What Stock Are Wine Labels Printed On?

At Renton’s Labels, we would recommend Datapol stock for your wine labels. These labels have a stronger adhesive than other labels so they will not move after they are applied. Datapol is a synthetic stock that can withstand moisture and condensation for short term applications. For long term applications roll-supplied synthetic labels with a laminate or varnish to protect the printing are recommended.

Datapol is available in a satin finish only. This is a high quality semi-gloss finish that is between a gloss and matt finish. If you specifically require a gloss or matt finish WLK 202 can be used but as a paper based stock is less durable when exposed to moisture.

The design of wine labels has become such an art form that you can enter your wine label design in competitions. In 2010, there were no less than 50 award winners in the Label Division of the International Wine Competition in San Francisco. Perhaps you won’t win an award for your wine label design but it is worth taking the time to design an attractive wine label for your personalised wine bottles.

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