What The Amish Can Teach Us About Bottle Labels

Jacob Ammann was a Swiss Christian and part of a sect called the Anabaptists. In 1693 Jacob thought the church was not enforcing the differences between Christians and non-believers so he started a breakaway group. His followers became known as Amish. They are celebrated today in places such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the USA where they drive horse-drawn buggies, wear plain clothes and don’t use modern appliances. In some counties they have become a major tourist attraction.

The Amish are predominantly farmers and produce most if not all of their needs. They don’t have a low-fat diet because they get plenty of exercise as they work so hard in the fields.  But they do sell their surplus which includes jams, pickles, fruits and vegetables, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice-cream.

So not only are their foodstuffs as fresh and as wholesome as can be, they also know a bit about marketing and produce jars and other packaging with outstanding bottle labels selling the virtues of their contents. Now we could learn from that.

What are the benefits of the goods you are making and selling? List them. Then when it comes to the design of your bottle labels, by all means include your logo, the usual requirements about ingredients, use-by date and weight, etc., if required, but also list what’s good about your product.

Everyone knows about the Amish lifestyle and how their foodstuffs are free from preservatives and are grown organically. But even so they still market this point. Do the same with your bottle labels. Take one major aspect of your production or contents which separates you from your competitors. Announce that fact on your product label. If you haven’t got design skills, contact your printer who can do it for you.

It’s possible to learn something from almost everyone and even if their way of life differs greatly form yours. The Amish make the most of what they have and your marketing and your labels in particular are a business card and a flyer rolled or pasted into one.

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