What Makes a Custom Sticker “Stick Out”?

Have you ever noticed that when you find a custom sticker on a product, letter or packaging, it grabs your attention? In fact, a product may have other bold printing and advertising on it, but a custom sticker will almost always draw the eye to it. Why?

There are three reasons. Firstly, a sticker involves more than one of our senses. It involves our sight as well as our touch. We notice that it is “sticking up” above the smooth plane of the packaging, and without thinking, we run our fingers over its edges. Unconsciously, we want to assure our brain that it is correct in its assessment and is not part of the material it is attached to. Conversely, when was the last time you felt the unconscious need to run your hand over a piece of paper or plastic that had nothing but printing on it?

Secondly, stickers are a “shape within a shape,” i.e. a circle on top of a rectangular piece of paper, and therefore, our brain goes to work reconciling the two opposing shapes. Even if the sticker is a similar shape to what it is placed on—such as a rectangular shape upon the rectangular paper—still our brains take notice, and alert us to the unusual configuration.

Third, custom stickers, if done correctly, are designed with colours, shapes and fonts that are in direct contrast to the surface to which they will be applied. If done with expertise and forethought, these colours, shapes and fonts will guarantee that your sticker gets noticed by your potential customers, subscribers or clients.

Renton’s Labels has been doing custom, quality, eye-catching custom sticker printing for several years. We know how to help you create a design that truly reflects the personality and flavour of your product or business, and gets your point across.

We also know the right questions to ask when designing your custom sticker. For example:  What reaction do you want? Do you want to sell a product, print a warning or provide information? Where are you placing your custom stickers? Are they for indoor or outdoor use? What kind of customer are you trying to reach?

This is the kind of personalised attention and assistance we give each of our customers, because we want your custom stickers to bring in many returns on your investment. We also specialise in small print runs, so you can get your sticker printing done for a very affordable price.

Contact Renton’s Labels for an instant quote for customised stickers and labels that will give your product or service real eye-catching appeal.


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