What Is The Best Stock For My Custom Labels?

The primary reason for buying anything is to get value for money. To do this, you only want to pay for what you need. Well, it is no different when you order your custom labels. Choose a label stock that is what you need but no more.

Many labels are printed on a white gloss or matt paper stock with permanent adhesive (we use Raflatac which is most suited for our label printing press but there are hundreds of other brands with the same properties). Examples are labels that are used once and will be discarded shortly after use. These include address labels, labels for business use from account stickers to change of bank account details. These labels are permanent but are commonly stuck on paper or cardboard or other items where the labels will not be exposed to weather or any other harsh conditions.

The next type of label is used on a similar stock but is not permanent. It is simply a removable label. The stock is the same but the adhesive is different so the label can be removed easily. These removable labels are used on important legal, accounting and insurance documents. Sign here stickers are always on removable label stock.

Durable Product Labels

For product labels, often a stronger label stock is needed. One type of stock is called WLK 202. They are ideal for glass or plastic bottles. WLK 202 is a commonly used digital stock for some types of wine labels. It has a stronger adhesive than the standard paper stocks and is water resistant. That means the labels will not slip or move after application. They are not completely waterproof but can be immersed in ice without disintegrating.

However, for a label to survive extreme temperatures, usually cold, and also maintain its look when exposed to the weather then three types of plastic labels are recommended. Vinyl, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PET) labels are more durable. They are resistant to tearing and can withstand extreme cold and extreme heat. They typically require special equipment and printing methods as they do not normally print well with conventional ink and some digital methods.

These stocks are very strong, durable against most weather conditions and lightfast (some up to 3-5 years). The conditions with which the label is exposed to will determine which label and which finish will be most suited. To preserve the ink/printing longer a lamination or varnish can be added. This is a clear finish that seals the ink/printing. These types of stocks are more suited for outdoor use and include car bumper stickers, window labels and warning labels on chemical bottles.

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