What Determines The Price Of Label Printing?

Unlike the cost of regular printing, there is no set price for label printing as almost every order is different. There are also a number of ways of printing labels. Basically, you are paying for the use of the machinery and the paper stock. Here are eight things to consider.

  1. Size: Is it a standard size? If not, you may have to pay more. The larger the label, the more expensive it will be. Price is generally dependent of the total volume of label stock used.
  2. Shape: Most labels are die-cut to a particular size so if you were to order a label in an unusual shape, this could be done but the die will be expensive. Renton’s Labels actually has a digital die-cutter to create a label into any size but it is a bit slower so it will mean that you are paying a little more for the use of the machine but this is more than compensated by the elimination of the cost of an expensive new die.  A die is simply the outline of the label.
  3. Stock: The paper stock can vary according to the type of stock. Generally, the least expensive stock is white matt or gloss stock. The most expensive stock is vinyl label stock which is designed for outdoor use and can maintain its colour for up to seven years. This includes labels on cars and windows and even, buses.
  4. Machine Usage: You will be required to pay for the use of a machine. If it is a complex machine that requires plates and preparation, then this could amount to several hundred dollars.  A smaller digital label printing machine still requires some set–up time but it is minimal so this set–up fee could be less than $100. You will still be required to pay for the time needed to receive your artwork and confirm the price.
  5. Quantity: The quantity of labels affects the price in two ways. Firstly, more stock is needed for longer runs and secondly, it will take longer to produce your labels.
  6. Delivery: Unless you collect the labels in person, you will be required to pay for delivery. If you are quoted free delivery, then that simply means the price for delivery is factored into the price for your labels.
  7. Colours: If your labels are printed in full colour in the traditional manner with four plates, then this is factored into the final price of your labels. This means you will be paying for these plates and you effectively a price for each colour. If your labels are printed digitally, i.e. without the need for plates, then the price will be the same for printing in one colour as four colours. You should receive a small discount for printing in black only.
  8. Overheads: All label printing companies must recover the cost of the overheads so the rent, the number of staff, the size of the company are all factored into the price. Small businesses tend to have an advantage here as they have lower overheads and tend to run more efficiently.

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