Wedding Wine Labels

It was only two weeks ago that Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. No doubt there will be lots of opportunities to buy all sorts of related products apart from postage stamps and coins. Whilst this royal wedding was as lavish as anything you can imagine, there is still a lot of money spent on regular weddings.

When my brother was married in 2004, I was really impressed with the labels of my brother and his bride on water bottles. These were available to wedding guests before and after the service. In fact, I still have mine in my kitchen. Back in 2004, digital label printing was still in its infancy so it was very rare for bottle labels to be printed in shot runs. Most labels were printed the traditional way with film and printing plates so the expense of printing 50 – 200 full colour labels was prohibitive.

Now, wedding wine labels are very common and we get more requests for this type of label than most other labels, even product labels. Wine is always served at weddings so it makes sense to have personalised wine bottles since it is very easy to get cleanskins today. In my blog a couple of weeks ago, I explained that cleanskin wines are sold in cartons of 6 or 12 and you can obtain these easily from most large outlets where alcohol is sold.

According to Bride To Be  the average cost of an Australian wedding is $49,202 and this is based on 2008 figures. The figure in 2011 is likely to be well over the $50,000 mark. This is why wedding wine labels are so popular. For a typical wedding, the labels for wine bottles would cost only about $100 to $300 so it is a very small part of the cost of the wedding but it is something that will be remembered on the day and if there is enough wine left over, then these personalized wine bottles make a great gift for your wedding guests.

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