Waterproof Labels

Custom waterproof stickers tailored to your needs

There are many situations where businesses require waterproof labels and stickers, for example where an item or piece of equipment is frequently in rain or underwater. At Renton’s Labels, we can print waterproof labels on all types of materials. Vinyl labels are the ideal option for waterproof sticker printing that remains in shape and colour regardless of rain or other weather conditions.

If your business requires large labels, the type seen on big containers then not only must these custom waterproof stickers be large and able to read well from a distance, they must also be durable and have a long life. Being out in the weather means a label can lose its shape and certainly its colour and distinctive appearance. Not so with waterproof sticker labels from Renton’s.


Sticker label printing ideal for underwater

Our waterproof labels are proven to retain their shape and colour for years. If you require help with design for either graphics or text or both, we have the experts to assist. But once the finished artwork is ready, our expertise and long experience means we can print waterproof labels to last and last.

Enquire with Renton’s Labels about customised waterproof labels today.