Bumper stickers

Custom bumper stickers…

drive your advertising dollar further! Increase your sales and revenue with bumper stickers!

Our car bumper stickers will get your message out on the streets and “bump up” your word-of mouth sales. Hand them out to customers and keep your business presence on the road!

Our minimum order for custom labels is just 100 stickers.

Quality you can trust. We print the highest quality car bumper stickers around. Our stickers are:


    • waterproof
    • made of UV-resistant vinyl (the same hard wearing material used for outdoor signs)
    • rated for 3+ years
    • manufactured in Australia


CALL US ON 1-800 736 861 OR EMAIL YOUR QUOTE REQUEST TO info@rentonslabels.com.au


Do you still have questions about bumper stickers? You might find your answer here…
What kind of material do you use for your bumper stickers?

  • It has a temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius
  • It is rated to 3 years outdoors in rain, hail and shine
  • It is tear resistant

What other kinds of materials are used for bumper sticker printing?
The other kinds of materials other companies use are:

  • Paper: This is not suitable for outdoors at all and damages easily when wet.
  • Polyester: The setup fee for these kinds of stickers means that vinyl is a better choice for bumper sticker printing.

What are other company’s printing processes for bumper sticker printing?
Other printing methods that companies use for bumper sticker printing are:

  • Thermal: Fades a lot quicker than our inks in sunlight.
  • Foil: You are limited to the material backgrounds the supplier can give you.
  • Offset: There is a much higher set-up cost involved with this process.
  • Screen: You are limited to a few colours and cannot have photos.

Why should I choose Renton’s Labels for Bumper Sticker Printing?
The reasons why you should be confident in choosing Renton’s Labels for your bumper stickers are:

  • GREAT PRICING: We have low unit costs on small runs and offer great discounts on larger runs.
  • PHOTO QUALITY DIGITAL PRINTING: We use a digital process so you aren’t limited with images.
  • UNLIMITED COLOURS: You can have one colour or a million in your print and it will not bother us.
  • DURABILITY: Our durable vinyl is rated for 3+ years which is the same material used for signs. It will last in the sunlight and rainfall.
  • DIE-CUT: Your bumper stickers will be digitally perf-cut so there will be no excess of backing paper giving your low-cost bumper stickers the professional touch other printers lack.
  • FAST: We are famous for having turnaround times that are much shorter than the 5 working days that we have previously stated.

What is the process for ordering Bumper Stickers?

You can order stickers by sending us an email to info@rentonslabels.com.au. We recommend that you email us the quantity you require as well as your artwork so we can get back to you with an accurate quote.