Vinyl Stickers

Custom vinyl stickers created with expert vinyl sticker printing services

Do you need heavy duty window stickers that keep your advertising going longer?

Are you looking for labels for your containers and packages that will stand out and stay put in tough conditions?

Vinyl stickers and vinyl labels from Renton’s Labels are perfect for advertising your business on windows, including car windows.
Custom vinyl stickers and vinyl labels are waterproof and long-lasting – making them perfect for labelling large containers in container yards, and for any packaging where durability and quality matter.


Why choose Renton’s for your custom vinyl stickers and vinyl labels?

Our vinyl stickers and vinyl labels  come in black or white. No white background, just solid colour cut-out vinyl. They aren’t printed so they won’t fade.

Our vinyl sticker printing can be offered in any size and the minimum quantity is just 100 labels.

Quality you can count on in custom vinyl stickers and vinyl labels:


  • Heavy duty stickers that last for 3 to 7 years (depending on application and colours).
  • Stronger adhesive.
  • Solid colour contour-cut decals.
  • App-taped for easy application (unlike cheaper vinyls).
  • All stickers manufactured in Australia.
  • Use your own vinyl sticker design or take advantage of our artwork service.





Do you still have questions about vinyl stickers? You might find your answer here…
What exactly are custom vinyl stickers?
A vinyl sticker is not printed like a digital sticker.  Instead we bring in vinyl which is a certain colour and we cut out letters or shapes out of this.

So is there a background on computer cut vinyl?
No, it will only be your vinyl  sticker that is cut out of the vinyl.

So then how do I apply a custom vinyl sticker if there is no background?
We put an application tape on top of your custom vinyl sticker. So to get the vinyl sticker off the backing paper you peel back the application tape. Then you stick down the application tape with the the vinyl sticker  down onto the surface getting it flat with a plastic card. Once down you can peel pack the application tape sharply leaving behind the vinyl sticker.

So what are the benefits of custom vinyl stickers and vinyl labels?

The advantages of computer cut vinyl stickers printing:


  • DURABILITY: They last for 7 years outdoors.
  • IMPACT: We print vibrant colours on solid white vinyl stickers, so when they are applied to windows they really stand out.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Vinyl comes in a range of colours.

What are the colours that custom vinyl sticker material comes in?
Vinyl comes in up to 200 colours and can be ordered in for your custom project. However the 2 colours we always have in stock are:

  • WHITE: The best colour for windows as windows tend to be dark so this stands out the most.
  • IMPACT: Suited for labelling on some light coloured surfaces such as some containers.

What is the turnaround time on Vinyl Stickers?
As vinyl stickers are more labour intensive, turnaround times will vary from order to order. Generally it takes up to 5 working days for your custom label to be printed.

What quality grade of Vinyl material do you use?
Instead of using a promotional grade of material, we only use a high quality signage grade of vinyl which is rated to 7 years unlike most of our competitors. Normally, our competitors will quote you from 3-5 years.

Are these custom vinyl stickers heat or cold resistant?
Yes, our vinyl stickers will withstand -40 to 100 degrees Celsius.