Vinyl Labels

High quality durable vinyl stickers for your business

Advertising is important, some say vital, to every business. From the simple name of your company to creating marketing slogans and images, telling the world who you are and what you do is essential. One of the basic ways to achieve recognition is by displaying a durable label or sticker on a shop or vehicle window. That method of identification and promotion is used by millions.

Of course, getting the right typeface style, colour and size for the words on your strong adhesive labels and stickers is important but once the design has been created, the printing begins. That’s where you need the experts.

You see, shop and car windows are constantly under the glare of harsh rays of sunshine, so it’s important to have a label or sticker that endures. Its colour and appearance must be strong and retain its vivid and attractive appearance. That can be done and the solution is vinyl labels and stickers.

Strong adhesive labels that stand up against most conditions

At Renton’s Labels, we can print stickers and labels on vinyl that can last as long as seven years.   Because of the high quality of vinyl used, your stickers are waterproof and are able to withstand extreme temperatures of heat and cold. Our vinyl labels are perfect for any containers or packaging where durability is important.

We can take your artwork or create material unique to your business. We use a particularly strong adhesive and the vinyl is app-taped, making for easy application. We offer a fast turnaround, all Australian printed vinyl labels and stickers, and free advice to help you promote your business in the best possible way. Contact Renton’s Labels today for all your strong adhesive vinyl sticker needs.

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