Use Customised Wine Labels When Sending Wine as a Christmas Present

  1. Christmas Wine Labels

Every business, club and family has different needs when it comes to giving gifts or making a presentation. At Renton’s Labels, we understand the unique nature of groups and any presents they provide which is why we tailor our service to meet your specific needs.

Take the popular gift of a bottle of wine. For a friend, a guest or business client, a bottle of Australian wine says so much. It is the thought that counts, true, but the international recognition given to Australian wines makes this gift even more special.

But just because the wine is beautifully made and bottled, there is a way to add value and make your gift all the more memorable and appreciated. Attach customised wine labels to each bottle. This is where Renton’s Labels comes into the picture.

We have experts who can help with your design, your logo and any wording to show off your name or business. We know the shape of those labels which best suits the type of bottle you are turning into a gift. We know about colours and printing and adhesives. And finally we are able to print almost any size run – even a small run – to meet your requirements.

A customised label is what we do very well. Why not allow us to show you how your simple gift can become a talking point and a great marketing tool?

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