Uniquely Designed Bath and Body Labels Can Boost Sales

Without a doubt, the single largest marketing tool your merchandise can have are quality bath and body labels that are designed specifically for soap, shampoos, conditioners and other bath products. Without a quality label, most customers become confused when seeking out valuable information including the product’s ingredients, scent, weight and directions for use. Often used as a guide to provide all vital data, the company’s bath and body labels should contain enough accurate information to answer most questions concerning the product.

Printed with Quality Ink

For products that sit on the shelf for an extended period, it is important that the lamination on the sticker performs correctly, and printed with materials that are UV protected. Nothing could be worse for the company’s product than having a label crafted with ink that degrades quickly, when exposed to sunlight or moisture.

Crafted with Quality Glue

It is imperative to order a label crafted with quality glue or paste to ensure proper adhesion that will last over time. If the company is applying a permanent label, the adhesive should be durable enough to be nearly impossible to remove. For any label used as a temporary promotion, the adhesive should allow easy removal of the sticker.

Temporary Removable Stickers

Temporary stickers are often “promotional” stickers that provide an eye-catching visual response from customers. Oftentimes, the stickers are used for “limited time only”, or “2-for-1” advertising marketing campaigns that will need to be removed once the promotion has ended. The stickers are usually crafted with bright fluorescent colours, block lettering, or have a unique die cut shape.

Instant Label Choices

Most types of labels can be created for a variety of containers, including bottles, boxes, cylinders, and others. Offered with a variety of adhesive “stickiness” and various die shapes, they provide instant labelling without requiring much labour force.

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