The Evolution Of Candle Labels

In simple terms a candle is a solid piece of wax with an embedded wick. Candles have been in existence for ages and of course have been the equivalent of the lights we have in our ceiling, on our walls or on stands. Candles were also used as a source of heat. But much has changed in more recent times.

Candles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They come in different colours and are placed in special holders and even in chandeliers. There is now a huge market for candles in simple containers and onto which are placed candle labels. This type of candle makes an exquisite gift. As a setting on a dinner table they give off a beautiful glow, create an atmosphere and look very attractive. You can of course offer candles with an enticing aroma – in fact many different aromas are available.

The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the label you attach to the candle container. These beautifully crafted and now decorated candles make an excellent gift to friends and family or, from a business point of view, as a gift to clients. The candle label is your chance to choose the words and image which best promotes your business.

With a glass container, as the candle burns ever lower, your candle label is lit rather effectively from behind. The shape of the container means almost any shaped label can easily be attached. You can place your candle in so many safe and interesting places. With your distinctive label they make the ideal gift for so many occasions.

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