The Buzz About Cosmetic Labels

The world of cosmetics would appear to be growing exponentially by the day. There are new products making new claims being promoted in the media and in stores and online almost continuously.  But with each one of these new crèmes, sprays and sticks comes a label.

By law each label must disclose in detail the contents of the cosmetic in the jar, bottle or tube. But apart from that information come the details, the look, design and quality of the cosmetic label. It needs, absolutely must be distinctive and eye-catching. Have you seen the range of cosmetics available today? What will make one stand out from the rest? The cosmetic label has a super role to play here.

One of the buzz words on cosmetic labels today is natural. Here the manufacturers have gone to no end of trouble to find natural ingredients, environmentally friendly materials to make the most effective and ‘green’ cosmetics for women [and men] around the globe. Some cosmetics now feature the word organic on their labels.

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