The Buzz About Cosmetic Labels


The world of cosmetics would appear to be growing exponentially by the day. There are new products making new claims being promoted in the media and in stores and online almost continuously.  But with each one of these new crèmes, sprays and sticks comes a label. Also, there are so many different types of cosmetics products available. Here are a few.

– Anti aging cream
– Aromatherapy products
– Beauty and spa treatments
– Body Washes
– Deodorants
– Essential Oils
– Eye cream
– Feminine hygiene products
– Fragrances
– Lip Balm
– Liquid eye liners
– Makeup

– Mascara
– Moisturisers
– Nail Polish
– Nail polish remover
– Perfume
– Shampoo
– Skin care products for acne
– Skin care products for men
– Soap
– Sunscreens
– Suntanning lotions
– Toothpaste

All of these products come with printed labels as the packaging is either in a small tube or plastic bottle. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has strict guidelines that all businesses must obey when it comes to labelling of your cosmetic products. There are too many to list here. This link will provide these details.

By law each label must disclose in detail the contents of the cosmetic in the jar, bottle or tube. But apart from that information come the details, the look, design and quality of your cosmetic labels. These labels must be distinctive and eye-catching. Have you seen the range of cosmetics available today? What will make yours stand out from the rest? The cosmetic label has a super role to play here.

One of the buzz words on cosmetic labels today is natural. Here, the manufacturers have gone to no end of trouble to find natural ingredients, environmentally friendly materials to make the most effective and ‘green’ cosmetics for women [and men] around the globe. Some cosmetics now feature the word organic on their labels.

It’s pretty easy to see the direction cosmetic creators are heading. They look for any changing aspect of society to help improve their products and make them more attractive to customers. Organic and natural ingredients and methods of manufacture are both to the fore.

Going green seems like a darn good idea with your cosmetic products today. Here are seven things you can do.

  1. Provide chemical free makeup.
  2. Provide cosmetics that have not been tested on animals
  3. Use organic products or products from nature.
  4. Provide environmentally friendly packaging.
  5. Biodegradable
  6. No sulphates or petrochemicals
  7. Non-toxic products

Of course, you will need to use your label to explain this. If you have environmentally friendliness as a consumer benefit, then this should be highlighted on your label. After all, your cosmetic labels are one of your selling tools. You must use every avenue at your disposal to sell more of your products than your competition.

You should also study your competition thoroughly before designing your labels. Last year’s blog about skincare labels explains the important of this.

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