The Best Way To Use Beer Labels


Beer is undoubtedly popular in Australia. We’re such a nation of beer drinkers that many overseas brewers now market their beers to Australians. That’s to go with the many Australian brewed beers, some of which are iconic in this country.

There is also a growing trend for home based brews with beer primarily for personal consumption but the surplus beer may also be sold or given away to family and friends. If this is the case, it is recommended that you have personalised beer labels to identify you as the brewer of the beer. For these bottle labels, (home brewers rarely produce beer in cans), it is not necessary to go to the trouble of having an elaborate design unless you plan to produce large quantities of beer and actually market
your home brew. However, with the improvement in digital label printing technology, you will be able to produce full colour beer labels in small quantities for less than $200.

If you sell your beer in large quantities, there are two distinct marketing tools brewers use in Australia; advertising and labels. The advertising, whether it is small and subtle or widespread and expensive, aims to persuade drinkers to switch brands. That is easier said than done as Australians often choose a beer and stick with it.

And wedded to the advertising is the label. Here the advertising work needs to be summed up in a simple image. There are many things which all need to capture the advertising message. These things include the font which is used, the name of the beer, a possible image and the colours and shape of the label. The label plays a vital role in the marketing of beer. Many of the iconic brands have very distinctive beer labels.

Remember bottle shops, hotels and licenced grocers stock a wide range of beers. How will your beer stand out? How will it draw attention to itself? Your beer label is the key. The colours and design stand out and get remembered. That is what you are seeking for commercial beer labels.

Obviously, excellent brewing and clever advertising are no-brainers but then comes that all-important label. If you spend time researching the market and decide where to pitch your beer, you have to get the promotion right and top it all off with the ideal label. Hiring a graphic designer can be a smart idea. But then finding an expert label printer is equally important. Most label printing companies will have in-house graphic designers and are a one-stop-shop when it comes to the creation and printing of beer labels.

Think this through. Free advice from an experienced label printer is a very smart first step. Of course, we welcome your enquiry here about your beer labels and any other label printing requirements at Renton’s Labels.

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