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    When you use colour effectively on your product labels, it is just one tool to help you sell more of your products. Your product label must stand out and colour is one such tool to help you do this. Your product labels must have appropriate colours to help your labels stand out and be noticed […]

  • Product Labels For Unusually Shaped Containers

    Today, containers come in many shapes and sizes so we have had to become experts in printing product labels for unusually shaped containers. Last week, I spoke to a young lady who had purchased different sized containers for her cosmetic products. These were cylindrical metal containers but they were not high like a can of […]

  • Sticker Labels For Mother’s Day

    I am a great believer in time of the year marketing as it helps enter the conversation going on in your customers’ minds. Easter has just finished. Anzac Day is coming soon but there is a big marketing opportunity for all businesses who serve the female population. It is Mother’s Day and in 2017 it […]

  • Do Product Labels Influence Buying Decisions?

    Have you ever been to the supermarket and come back with much more than was on your list? We’ve all done it. What prompted you to make these impulsive purchases? Perhaps you saw a sign that caught your attention. Maybe there was an item on special. Or perhaps, you wanted something just because it seemed […]

  • Wine Labels

    The development of digital label printing technology has made personalised wine a popular gift at weddings, corporate functions and at Christmas time. Rather than promote a major winery and their brand, you can promote your business or your wedding or any other special occasion.

    Before you think about the wine labels to use, you should choose your wine. Unlabelled wine has actually been available in Australia since the 1960s. Most reputable liquor outlets will sell cleanskins in sealed cartons of 6 or 12 bottles. The cartons must display a label that meets the legal requirements as defined by Australian law.

    The size of your wine label is the next thing to consider. Of course, the size will depend on the shape of the wine bottle you have chosen. Here at Renton’s Labels, we have four

  • Wine Labels Customers To Avoid

    Since we print wine labels in predominantly short runs, we recognise that we have thousands of small customers rather than a handful of big customers. Quite frankly, that is how I have always done business. Growth is obtained by getting more smaller customers and by convincing those smaller customers to buy again and eventually buy in larger quantities.

    It is difficult to know which of these smaller customers is going to turn into long term highly profitable customers so what we do is look after them all equally well in an effort to convince them to buy from us and refer others to our label printing business. The downside of having lots of smaller customers who are less familiar with how label printing works is that you may not be able to please these customers despite your best efforts

    Well, this is what happened to us last month. We received a rather typical wine label printing enquiry. We prepared the proof for our customer. It was checked and approved. Even though, we printed the wine labels exactly to her specifications, the customer was not happy. She said that the wine labels do not stand out well enough on her bottles. Our customer was interstate so we did not ever see the wine bottles that these wine labels were to go onto.

    Once a written approval is given, you really have the law on your side and you do not need

  • Wedding Stickers

    Prince William and Kate Middleton were married just over three weeks ago. Already, there are opportunities to buy DVDs and other sorts of memorabilia. Most of the planning is done before the wedding but there are still things to do after the wedding.

    Photo albums are prepared and DVDs are produced. Improvement in digital technology has increased the speed and reduces the cost from just ten years ago.

    You probably won’t get the opportunity to have your wedding photo on a postage stamp like Prince William and Princess Catherine but you can produce your own wedding stickers very easily.

    The improvement in digital label printing technology makes this much less costly than ten years ago. Your wedding stickers can be printed digitally and in full colour. They are easy to organise since you just need to use one of the images produced by your wedding photographer.

    Here at Renton’s Labels, we now get lots of requests for wedding stickers. The most common picture is a photo of the bride and groom together as a closeup. Photos are

  • What Wine Labels Are Available?

    Before choosing your wine labels, you must choose your wine bottle. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleanskin_(wine) these are easily obtained by any number of retail wine outlets. Here is what Wikipedia says.

    “In Australia, cleanskin wine is a term for bottled wine that does not carry a label or any other identifying marks. Cleanskin wines are sold in sealed cartons of six or twelve bottles and the carton must display a label that meets the minimum legal requirements as defined by Australian law. Cleanskin wines have been sold in Australia since at least the early 1960s.”

    Next, you need to work out the size of your wine labels. Are your cleanskin wine bottles regular sized, tall and thin or mini bottles? Generally, the approximate sizes of such wine labels are 99mm x 139mm for regular wine bottles, 65mm x 140mm for tall thin wine bottles and 66mm x 54mm for mini wine bottles.

    If wine labels are to be given as gifts for say, a wedding or Christmas present, then most likely the wine will be consumed quite quickly. However, wine labels are also designed to be durable. For most cases, wine labels are water resistant rather than waterproof. This is because wine bottles are commonly stored in wine cellars or people’s homes at room temperatures. However, the wine bottles can be immersed in an ice bucket without disintegrating.

    What Stock Are Wine Labels Printed On?

  • What Is The Best Stock For My Custom Labels?

    The primary reason for buying anything is to get value for money. To do this, you only want to pay for what you need. Well, it is no different when you order your custom labels. Choose a label stock that is what you need but no more.

    Many labels are printed on a white gloss or matt paper stock with permanent adhesive (we use Raflatac which is most suited for our label printing press but there are hundreds of other brands with the same properties). Examples are labels that are used once and will be discarded shortly after use. These include address labels, labels for business use from account stickers to change of bank account details. These labels are permanent but are commonly stuck on paper or cardboard or other items where the labels will not be exposed to weather or any other harsh conditions.

    The next type of label is used on a similar stock but is not permanent. It is simply a removable label. The stock is the same but the adhesive is different so the label can be removed easily. These removable labels are used on important legal, accounting and insurance documents. Sign here stickers are always on removable label stock.

    Durable Product Labels

  • How Are Your Products Labelled

    The most obvious place to find labels is at your local supermarket. Next time you are there, you may find it interesting to look at all of the different product labels being used. Soft drink, milk, fruit juice, soap and many toiletry items are examples of products that use labels to highlight the product.

    Other products such as cereal do not use labels as the printing is all done on the cardboard box. Similarly, toilet paper has the printing done on the plastic. The trick with the label printing is to have the shape and background colour make it look like the labels are actually not labels at all. It seems as though the label is actually part of the bottle or container.

    Product labels are also important for all retail outlets which mostly use barcoded labels to indicate the price. Meat products are usually labeled this way. Labels are most effective in altering the price. Books and DVDs and CDs are often reduced in price once these products are no longer new. Also, perishable products rely on labels to indicate a reduced price for a quick sale.