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  • Design Your Candle Labels To Encourage Safety And Sales

    You need to design your candle labels to encourage safety and sales because really nothing else matters. As the manufacturer or seller, your candle labels should be designed to sell. What makes your candles unique? Why are they better than other candles? The labels are there to promote your brand and your selling proposition. When you […]

  • Seven Uses For Label Printing

    I can find seven uses for label printing which will surprise many readers. Unlike billboards and large signs and big catalogues, printed labels often go unnoticed. About half of the products in your local supermarket are identified and advertised with labels. Many labels don’t even look as if they are there because the colours blend […]

  • The Strangest Warning Labels

    We live in a strange world today. Nothing is considered obvious. Everyone seeks to protect themselves from being sued, no matter how silly they may look. Sometimes the warning labels are written more for the author rather than the user of the products that require the warning. Here are a few funny examples. Sleeping Pills – […]

  • How Are Your Products Labelled

    The most obvious place to find labels is at your local supermarket. Next time you are there, you may find it interesting to look at all of the different product labels being used. Soft drink, milk, fruit juice, soap and many toiletry items are examples of products that use labels to highlight the product.

    Other products such as cereal do not use labels as the printing is all done on the cardboard box. Similarly, toilet paper has the printing done on the plastic. The trick with the label printing is to have the shape and background colour make it look like the labels are actually not labels at all. It seems as though the label is actually part of the bottle or container.

    Product labels are also important for all retail outlets which mostly use barcoded labels to indicate the price. Meat products are usually labeled this way. Labels are most effective in altering the price. Books and DVDs and CDs are often reduced in price once these products are no longer new. Also, perishable products rely on labels to indicate a reduced price for a quick sale.