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  • How to Create Perfect Personalised Wine Labels

    Have you ever watched a child in a toy store? I mean, really watched? They walk down the aisles and gaze at the packaging of each toy. It is the packaging, and not the toy itself, that sells the toy. The toy with the most dynamic, colourful and compelling packaging is usually the one they choose. And, if you’re a parent and have watched your child with that toy when they get home, you’ve probably seen that kids often lose interest in the toy shortly after taking it out of the packaging. That’s because once a toy is out of its packaging, the thrill is gone.

    Packaging is everything, and that holds true with personalised wine labels as well. A select few wines with boring labels sell only because they have gained a well-earned reputation. But for all other bottles of wine without the same celebrity, a well-designed label is of the utmost importance.

  • How to Use Wedding Wine Labels to Create a Memorable Wedding

    Wedding wine labels and personalized wine labels are the best way to make a wedding more memorable. Here is how you can do it…  There are choices galore when it comes to getting personalized wedding wine labels. However, to begin with, you must make sure that they are durable and water-resistant (to prevent damage from […]

  • Wine Labels Customers To Avoid

    Since we print wine labels in predominantly short runs, we recognise that we have thousands of small customers rather than a handful of big customers. Quite frankly, that is how I have always done business. Growth is obtained by getting more smaller customers and by convincing those smaller customers to buy again and eventually buy in larger quantities.

    It is difficult to know which of these smaller customers is going to turn into long term highly profitable customers so what we do is look after them all equally well in an effort to convince them to buy from us and refer others to our label printing business. The downside of having lots of smaller customers who are less familiar with how label printing works is that you may not be able to please these customers despite your best efforts

    Well, this is what happened to us last month. We received a rather typical wine label printing enquiry. We prepared the proof for our customer. It was checked and approved. Even though, we printed the wine labels exactly to her specifications, the customer was not happy. She said that the wine labels do not stand out well enough on her bottles. Our customer was interstate so we did not ever see the wine bottles that these wine labels were to go onto.

    Once a written approval is given, you really have the law on your side and you do not need

  • Wedding Stickers

    Prince William and Kate Middleton were married just over three weeks ago. Already, there are opportunities to buy DVDs and other sorts of memorabilia. Most of the planning is done before the wedding but there are still things to do after the wedding.

    Photo albums are prepared and DVDs are produced. Improvement in digital technology has increased the speed and reduces the cost from just ten years ago.

    You probably won’t get the opportunity to have your wedding photo on a postage stamp like Prince William and Princess Catherine but you can produce your own wedding stickers very easily.

    The improvement in digital label printing technology makes this much less costly than ten years ago. Your wedding stickers can be printed digitally and in full colour. They are easy to organise since you just need to use one of the images produced by your wedding photographer.

    Here at Renton’s Labels, we now get lots of requests for wedding stickers. The most common picture is a photo of the bride and groom together as a closeup. Photos are