Stock Used for Product Labels

Many labels are required for short term use or for indoor use where durability and exposure to liquids or extreme temperatures is not an issue. However, several product labels are exposed to cold temperatures, heat, ice or moisture so they must be manufactured from materials that can withstand these unusual conditions. Regular gloss or matt label stock will not be sufficient.

There are a number of options available. A common label stock that we use is WLK202. It is available in both matt and gloss finish. It is a label stock that is recommended for the wine industry but it can be used on product labels with similar requirements to wine labels. The WLK202 is ideal when you need good water resistance but it is lower in cost than waterproof labels. This is always the challenge when producing product labels. You must balance the actual needs of your product and the cost of producing the labels on that particular stock.

The WLK202 stock has been tested and proven on surfaces affected by condensation. This means these labels will not slip or move after being applied to bottles even if they are dipped in ice. The WLK202 labels are not completely waterproof, but these labels will withstand cold and moisture. It has been shown that these labels will not disintegrate after being dipped in an ice bucket.

What if your product labels are for outdoor use? Well, the best type of stock for these types of product labels is vinyl labels. Vinyl labels are waterproof and durable and can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. In fact, they can last up to seven years. They are more expensive than other product labels because the printing process is slower and the material is more expensive to produce.


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