Warning Labels

Make your products safer with quality hazardous warning labels

Business owners always want to protect their customers and keep them coming back. Unfortunately, some items a customer may use on a daily basis can carry some type of risk. To protect themselves and their customers, businesses often need to use caution or warning labels.

These safety sticker labels help remind the customer not to do certain things while using the product. For instance a warning label on a hair dryer may say, “Risk of electric shock – Do not leave plugged in or near water.” You definitely want your warning labels to stand out to avoid dangerous situations.


4 Tips for Creating an Effective Warning Label:

1. Make it big!

A warning label or safety sticker should be large, but not too large. The label should be big enough to be seen but should not steal the entire item. The warning label should only take up about a tenth of the total size of a product and even smaller if the product is large.

2. Make it bold!

Warning labels on products need to be noticeable, thus the writing should be bold. It should also be a legible font. The reader, in this case the customer, should be able to read it easily. The print should be large enough to be read as well.

3. Make it Bright!

This can’t be emphasised enough. The background colour of the product warning label should be bright. Remember the objective here is to always catch the eye of the customer. Use fluorescent colours such as yellow or red for your warning label stock.

4. Make it Bilingual.

Your hazard warning label will be written in English but because this information is so important, another language may be appropriate too. If someone doesn’t read English then they could easily get hurt putting that same hair dryer plugged in a sink full of water to clean it off. The best way to find out whether the label should use a second language is research. Find out what language is spoken and read throughout the areas in which the product is sold.

Safety stickers and labels that create a healthier workplace

Health and safety is an integral and ever-present aspect of business, and life in general today. An important part of this involves safety stickers. Such hazard warning labels are required by law in many situations. For any products you produce or distribute that require a warning or safety label, or for any warning labels regarding your business, Renton’s Labels has the experience and know-how to solve your safety sticker needs.

There might be Enter and Exit only doors in your business, equipment which needs to be clearly identified or even Danger and Do Not Enter signs. Safety labels are needed in all of these situations to ensure cautious and safe operation.

The usual presentation by Renton’s will see bold, black printing of words and/or symbols clearly visible on bright, fluorescent backgrounds. This means the safety labels stand out clearly and meet both your legal requirements and help in the prevention of accidents.

The service provided by Renton’s Labels allows you to upload your artwork at no charge and have any questions answered by our staff. We provide a low flat fee of just $7 for postage and handling of your safety labels as well as a written guarantee of customer satisfaction!

Contacting Renton’s Labels for your safety label needs is a very safe move.