Promotional Stickers

Customised promotional labels for your business

Every business needs to promote itself; ideally it would involve maximum exposure with minimal expenditure. The old saying that “only 50% of my promotional budget works but I’m not sure which 50%” is as valid today as ever.

That’s why promotional stickers, well designed and beautifully printed by Renton’s Labels, may well be a serious contender for marketing idea of the year within your business.

Stickers for promotional products are easy to design, inexpensive to promote and easy to distribute. Having customised promotional stickers appear in places like car bumpers means you have a mobile marketing operation for a tiny price.

Reap the benefits of high quality promotional stickers

But there are ‘promotional stickers’ and then there are PROMOTIONAL STICKERS and the best designs in the world count for little if the finished product is dull in colour and fades all too quickly. The many benefits of having Renton’s Labels print your promotional labels include

  • Digital printing allowing for all types of images
  • Great range of vivid colours
  • Water-resistant material giving years of life to the stickers
  • Die-cut stickers removing excess backing paper
  • Fast turnaround

When you include our competitive prices and written guarantee, Renton’s Labels is the leading provider of superior quality promotional stickers. You can give your company the lift it deserves with simple but eye-catching promotional sticker labels printed to look distinctive. Enquire with us today!